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Interview with Chris Moorman, Online Poker’s Most Successful Tournament Player

Just ahead of the release of Moorman’s Book of Poker, we’re honored to bring you an exclusive interview with online poker superstar Chris Moorman. For those who haven’t yet heard of Chris, this interview will serve as a great introduction to one of poker’s must-know names. For those more familiar with Moorman and his achievements at the felt, you’ll get a deeper look at Chris’ career, what possessed him to write the book, and what he feels you can learn from his first foray into authoring a poker book. Plus, he got none other than Doyle Brunson to write the Forward! Interested yet? We thought so…

The 2013 WSOP is the Coldest Poker Event in History

With legions of poker players complaining about how cold it is at this year’s World Series of Poker, we at Cardplayer Lifestyle decided that it was time to investigate. We found that, indeed, this year’s installment of the WSOP is the coldest poker tournament on record! Our investigative reporting managed to get to the root of the problem as we found the official WSOP air conditioning technician. Read on to see our exclusive video interview with him and his recommended solution to fix the problem.

Black Friday Fallout Claims DoylesRoom – World Series of Poker Starts Tomorrow

First PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker/UB; and now DoylesRoom. Like a set of dominoes, online poker’s biggest rooms continue to falter in the face of the US Department of Justice. DoylesRoom.com was among 10 additional domain names seized recently by the DOJ, which seems hell-bent on preventing Americans from playing poker or any other online casino games, even from the privacy of their own homes.

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