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Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog founder Robbie Strazynski
Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog founder Robbie Strazynski

Founded in 2009, the Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog has earned a stellar reputation in the industry and among fans for being a top poker entertainment destination.

We publish interviews with top poker personalities, top-notch poker strategy articles, thought-provoking poker op-eds, and engaging poker lifestyle pieces. We also feature coverage of top-tier poker events, like the World Series of Poker, as well as stories about fascinating lesser-known happenings in the poker world that casual fans don’t always get to hear about.

Our Founder – Robbie Strazynski

Known throughout the poker community for his media work, Robbie lives the “cardplayer lifestyle” that this poker blog promotes. He started playing poker “around the kitchen table” when he was eight years old, and has enjoyed proper live and online poker games since turning 21. He serves as the main writer for this poker blog, as well as editor for all other contributed poker content.

Aside from running this site, Robbie has been working full-time in the online gaming industry since 2010. He has contributed to a number of well-known poker and casino publications, both online and in print, including PokerUpdate, PokerStrategy, All In Magazine, Casino Affiliate Programs, the Hendon Mob, Calvinayre.com, and the Times of Israel, as well as for iGBAffiliate Magazine and their gaming industry blog.

In 2014, Robbie joined Bruce Briggs as the co-host of the popular Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast. Much like this poker blog, the biweekly podcast targets poker enthusiasts and recreational players. In addition to covering numerous topics and issues related to home game poker, a plethora of big-name poker players and media personalities have appeared as guests on the show to talk about their home game experiences.

Robbie also created the popular Poker Notes Live mobile app, which enables poker players to take quick, efficient notes on their opponents and improve their live poker performance. A simple, easy-to-use app available in almost a dozen languages in both the App Store and Google Play, Poker Notes Live brings to the live poker arena the note-taking technology previously exclusive to online poker.

Finally, Robbie has raised thousands of dollars over the years for worthy causes via his Running Well campaign and through organizing many successful charity poker events.

Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Poker Contributors

We’re proud to boast a number of regular contributors to this poker blog, who churn out great poker content on a regular basis. If you love poker as much as we do and would like a platform via which to express your ideas and share them with thousands of fellow poker fans, please send an email with your proposed topic(s), previous poker-related writing samples, and a little background info about yourself to: [email protected].

*Disclaimer: The Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog is 100% independent and unaffiliated with Card Player magazine.

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