Ashley Adams

RecPoker | Ep 262 – Ashley Adams

On Episode #262 of the RecPoker Podcast, the crew speaks with renowned author and longtime poker player Ashley Adams. Ashley has been playing poker since 1963 when he learned it, literally, at his grandfather’s knee, and has hosted the House of Cards podcast since 2007 as well as written more than 1,000 poker articles as well as several books, including his latest, “Winning Poker in 30 Minutes a Day” (D&B Publishing, 2020).

RecPoker | Ep 260 – Chris Jones

RecPoker’s Membership Content Director Chris Jones was our guest this week.

Jim Reid and John Somsky discussed with him the recent monthly seminar which was all about post-flop betting lines, and how we can combine our knowledge of ranges and board textures to really put our opponents in some tough spots!