Best Poker Training Software (Updated 2024)

Poker has changed dramatically over the last few years. Namely, more players than ever before are putting in the time and effort to improve their game. Beyond enrolling in some of the best poker training sites, they’re also equipping themselves with a host of useful tools and some of the best poker training software that have the potential to speed up the learning process itself.

Here at Cardplayer Lifestyle, we’re happy to list some of the top poker software programs on the market in 2024. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your poker math, pot odds calculations, add some GTO (game theory optimal) tools to your existing poker knowledge, or just have a helpful tool with which to review your own performance, the poker software listed below will be able to assist you.

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RangeConverter — Tools to improve your poker skills for NLHE Cash, MTTs, Short Deck, Spins & Hypers, PLO & PLO5

RangeConverter is one of the best poker training software programs that has great tools to help you boost your poker skills, namely a GTO trainer and range viewer that you can use to improve your mastery of multiple poker variants beyond No Limit Hold’em, for both cash games and tournaments.

RangeTrainerPro — The Best App for Memorizing GTO Ranges

The RangeTrainerPro app makes studying and memorizing GTO ranges affordable to the masses.

Developed by K.L. Cleeton and Matt McElligott, this Texas Hold’em training software app will allow you to study poker just like the pros do, at a fraction of the cost.


Simple GTO Trainer — Master Game Theory Optimal play with this training tool

This poker software training tool combines the best simulator software with the best GTO calculator so that you can analyzing specific scenarios and learn the correct plays.

Design your own exercises and systematically work on becoming a GTO expert.


Leak Buster 2 — A poker software training tool to help you plug your leaks at the poker table

One of the hardest skills in poker is identifying one’s own leaks. Leak Buster does the work for you by comparing your online poker hands and data to tens of millions of hands from winning online players. This poker program’s valuable analysis is sure to help you plug those leaks!


PokerSnowie — Improve your poker play with the help of artificial intelligence

PokerSnowie is a poker software training tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to quickly improve your level of play. This Texas Hold’em training software does so by utilizing a number of tools to indicate the mistakes you’re making during play and help you avoid making them in the future. Both tournament and cash game players are sure to benefit from this software.


Flopzilla — Calculate and display probabilities of optimal hands and ranges

Flopzilla helps you calculate optimal hands and ranges to play. It does do by calculating and displaying the probabilities of getting combinations on the flop with said individual hands or ranges.

Once you use this poker software training tool to master the math behind hand ranges, you can better define the strength of your opponents.


GTO+ — Let solvers guide your heads-up no limit Texas Hold’em play

GTO + is an advanced poker program to help you specifically analyze heads-up no limit hold’em play. This poker training software’s intuitive interface allows you to build decision trees and let solvers guide you. Fast, accurate calculations guide you to make the correct post-flop plays every time.


Power Equilab — Combines the best features of all the top poker software tools

At under $5, Power Equilab is practically by definition worth trying out. Designed to combine the best features of other poker equity calculators and analytical poker tools, Power Equilab is a must-have poker training software tool if you’re serious about improving your poker math.


Ace Poker Drills — The best poker software to help you make better pre-flop decisions

Making solid pre-flop decisions is absolutely critical to success at poker. Ace Poker Drills is a poker software training tool developed “by poker players for poker players” specifically to assist you with your pre-flop decision making. This poker program will help you master the concepts of equity, odds, and outs and learn to become a big winner!


SitNGo Wizard — An ICM simulator that helps you make the most profitable decisions

SitNGo Wizard is an ICM simulator poker program designed to teach you how to best understand and employ the ICM model in your decision-making during Sit N Go tournaments. This poker training software will help you improve your push/fold skills and make profitable decisions in every early, middle, and late-stage situation.



More About Simple GTO Trainer

If you’re looking to brush up on your poker mathematics, Simple GTO trainer is THE tool you’ll need. Combining the best of GTO calculators and simulator software, Simple GTO Trainer allows you to engage in analysis of all sorts of specific scenarios you’ll encounter while playing poker.

Once you see the analysis of the program’s displayed results, you’ll be able to properly examine all the mistakes you’ve been making and make meaningful improvements to your game.

Included Features

  • You can create your own exercises in order to work on both your GTO and exploitative strategies
  • The program provides you with detailed analysis for all scenarios, including the expected value (EV) of each action taken, hand range information, and more.
  • Easy-to-understand tables, graphs, and overall interface
  • Your progress is tracked throughout your use of the software. In other words, you’ll be able to see a visual manifestation of your advancement and quite literally watch your skills improve.

More About Leak Buster 2

This software is great for analyzing your entire online poker game. It does so by taking all of your hands played and comparing them to tens of millions of hands played by winning online poker players.

There are over 450 potential leaks in your game that Leak Buster 2 can identify, and it does so by utilizing a variety of statistical ranges and post-flop filters. Once it identifies your biggest leaks, you can work to plug them and stop money from pouring out of your bankroll.

This software is used by top professional poker players, and it identifies, on average, between 10-25 leaks per player within minutes. Moreover, the significance of each leak in your game is measured by the software’s internal algorithm.

You can discover what leaks you have when in every playing position and work to correct these leaks by watching videos with instructional material. The software comes equipped with over 90 videos that can help you address the issues in your game and fix the leaks.

By definition, the more experienced a player you are, the better the information Leak Buster 2 will provide you with to improve. This is because the more data you have to input into the software, the more analysis is possible, the more situations you’ll have been in, and the more feedback there is to offer. The advice offered will help you make more profitable decisions almost immediately.

More About PokerSnowie

PokerSnowie utilizes artificial intelligence and a host of other tools to help you become a better poker player as quickly and efficiently as possible. For every hand you’ve misplayed, the software will have specific, insightful recommendations to offer so you won’t make the same mistakes again.

Via its intuitive interface you can train with PokerSnowie to improve both your cash game play as well as tournament play. You can even use the software’s custom settings to craft specific situations (e.g., table positions, stack sizes, number of opponents, etc.) in which you’ve had trouble in the past and wish to improve your decision making prowess.

You can also import and upload your existing online poker hand history directly into the software to see what mistakes it’ll find. Then, you can use the analytical reports to identify whether your game is balanced enough and make the appropriate adjustments.

The software allows you to do thousands of calculations and analyze thousands upon thousands of hands each month.

Beyond your own game, PokerSnowie also helps you better gauge and understand your opponents’ likely hand ranges in the widest variety of situations. With that knowledge, you can then practice responding accordingly in terms of what bet sizings to use, what actions to take (raise, call, c-bet, fold, etc.), and more.

More About Flopzilla

If your pre-flop game is in need of improvement, Flopzilla is the answer to your woes. This poker training software is all about hand ranges, and based on the probabilities of you and your opponents hitting on the flop, you’ll know exactly how to proceed.

Becoming more aware of what your opponents’ hand ranges are, you’ll be able to adjust your own hand ranges accordingly, as well as your betting, calling, and raising, and folding patterns.

Flopzilla breaks down all the numbers for you both post-flop and after the turn, so you can understand exactly what the chances of making your hand are, as well as how likely your opponents are to improve.

Repeated practice and familiarizing yourself with the percentages almost by definition makes you a stronger force to contend with at the felt. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Flopzilla is so popular among professional poker players.

Speedy, with an intuitive interface, numerous hand range filters, statistical breakdowns, and import/export ability, getting this best poker software is practically a no-brainer.

More About GTO+ Poker Training Software

Having a good heads-up poker game is important in cash game settings, but perhaps no more critical than in the final stages of a tournament, where the difference between first and second place money is so great. So if you’re often making deep tournament runs, but can’t seem to close out the deal and emerge victorious, or if you often find yourself unsure of how to best handle heads-up situations, GTO+ is the right poker software for you.

GTO+ gives you the ability to build decision trees, which the program’s solver then uses to guide you in the right direction as far as game theory optimal play is concerned.

Fast, reliable calculation is the name of the game here, and the analytical tools that the GTO+ poker program gives you will result in a convenient, handy graphical solution to the issues that you’re facing in heads-up play.

More About Power Equilab

This poker software training tool is an advanced equity calculator that brings together some of the best analytical tools with top features of other existing equity calculators. Power Equilab is stocked with features including built-in graphic labels and range calculator

You can select hand ranges and calculate your equity for every street. There’s also a built-in equity coach for every street, and resources to understand hand strength distribution on unknown flops.

The poker program’s equity trainer allows you to practice determining the equity of your hand/range against your opponent’s range in a number of different situations, including: limit hold’em, no limit hold’em, tournaments, cash games, blind on blind, heads-up, and more.

The more you brush up on your poker mathematics using the Power Equilab Texas Hold’em training software, the better you’ll understand hand playability and more quickly be able to make the calculations that’ll help you determine the correct course of action at the felt.

More About Ace Poker Drills

Designed by poker players, for poker players, Ace Poker Drills is useful to help you improve in three main areas: pre-flop training, equity calculation, and odds and outs calculation.

After getting familiar with this tool, you’ll become better and better at making the right decisions pre-flop, which should enable you to score bigger wins and minimize your losses.

Once you’re able to quickly and accurately determine your expected share of the pot based on your hand, position, and your opponents’ likely hand ranges, you’ll know the best course of action to take in each situation you find yourself in at the tables.

More About SitNGo Wizard

You’ll often hear poker tournament pros talking about the Independent Chip Model and “ICM considerations”. Clearly, this is a critical concept that comes up over and over again. As such, it would be advisable (to say the least) to familiarize yourself with SNG Wizard, a leading ICM simulator.

You’ll learn how to optimize your push/fold ranges in the late stages of tournament play and thus make the most profitable decisions. You’ve got to know when it’s best to lay your hand down at the bubble stages of tournament play – even kings or aces, sometimes! Plus, you’ve got to know the appropriate actions to take in multiple all-in situations, factoring in chops, side pots, etc.

SNG Wizard allows you to configure multiple different quiz modes and tournament blind structures, and it features built-in game simulation that saves you all the time you’d otherwise need to take to think through possible scenarios.

SNG Wizard

SNG Wizard