Chad McVean

Bruce and Robbie welcome Chad McVean to the show to discuss his home game history, what he loves so much about poker podcasts, and all things poker.

Our sound engineer, Jeff, also joins us to report on what’s happening in the poker scene in Las Vegas, as well as the city vibe in general.

Finally, Ben Ludlow ends off the show with some hot takes on the WSOP giving out bracelets for online events.

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PokerStack mobile app

For serious poker players, bankroll tracking and management isn’t optional; it’s a must. Thus, a mobile app that makes the process easy and contains numerous value-added features is practically by definition a must-have.

Here’s our review of the Poker Stack app, which enables you to do so much more than just keep accurate records of your poker bankroll.

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Anuj Arora

Anuj Arora is the latest interviewee in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker media series and it was a pleasure to learn more about him. His stellar work for the Fuse Media group of sites has given tremendous assistance and knowledge to all those who follow the happenings in the online poker business niche.

Beyond learning about Anuj’s career, we also get a peek into his day-to-day work, as well as what his life is like away from the (home) office. We hope you’ll enjoy the read as much as we enjoyed conducting the interview.

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As people get older, it’s that much more important to stay active, both physically as well as mentally. Ageing is tough, but playing poker can certainly help keep the brain active in an engaging way. Senior citizens have numerous tools at their disposal to learn poker and become quite proficient at playing the game well.

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online poker app

The popularity of online poker apps has boomed in recent months, but there’s a lack of information on how exactly the apps operate, whether real money play is possible, and what the role of agents are in the process.

In this article, longtime industry veteran Alex Scott explains the online poker app ecosystem, how the operators make money, why the apps are so popular, and how agents facilitate real money transactions behind the scenes.

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James Worthy Jerry Buss Robert Turner Yosh Nakano Frank Mariani

Back in 1993, Robert Turner convinced the now-late owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Dr. Jerry Buss to participate in a charity poker tournament at the Bicycle Casino. Dr. Buss’ only catch: the tournament had to be played using poker chips made of real gold!

Here’s the amazing story of how the tournament came together, including a list of some of the incredible poker legends, like Stu Ungar and Chip Reese, who participated.

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Maria Konnikova

On this episode of the Bernard Lee Poker Show, Bernard interviews Maria Konnikova, accomplished poker player and author of the new book The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win.

Maria talks about her 3.5-year long odyssey in the poker world, which saw her get coached by Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel, climb to great heights and big wins, and being a PokerStars sponsored pro.

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PokerStars Game Integrity

Bots and collusion in online poker are an extremely hot topic in the poker community these days. For the first time ever, PokerStars’ Game Integrity Department has publicly released numbers relating to their on-site security efforts.

In addition to an infographic sharing these numbers, we’ve got an exclusive Q&A with representatives of the company’s Gaming Integrity Department. Their answers to our questions are quite eye-opening, indeed!

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Bruce and Robbie welcome home game host Cody back to the show to discuss how online home poker games have become quite different than in-person home games among the same group of friends. The hosts also discuss the reopening of poker rooms across the US.

Plus, George Chao from BBO Poker Tables has a great “al fresco” edition of Table Talk, and Ben Ludlow’s got another great virtual WSOP top 10 list for this week’s One Outer that’ll make you literally laugh out loud.

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Jerry Yang has an amazing personal story of growing up in Laos, escaping to Thailand, and ultimately moving to the slums of Nashville, Tennessee.  He worked hard on his education, which ultimately served to be his path out of poverty. In 2005 he started learning poker and only two years later found himself on top of the poker world having won $8.25 million and the WSOP Main Event Championship.

Jerry’s story is chronicled in his autobiography, entitled All in: From Refugee Camp to Poker Champ.

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Many new players are just coming into the game of poker for the first time, and as such are not aware of what the poker boom was.

In this article we briefly recap the period between 2003-2006, known as the poker boom, and list some of the major forces that caused it to happen int he first place.

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online poker home games

With people quarantined and in self-isolation the world over during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re turning online for everything; this includes poker. Luckily it’s not only possible to play poker online, but to do so with friends via a private home game.

Private home games are flourishing these days, so here’s our guide for how to make them happen (they’re free and can be played from anywhere in the world) as well as how to get the most out of the experience.

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