royal flush

Do you remember the time when you hit your first royal flush? It’s usually a story that’ll be burned in your memory forever. Calum Grant just hit his first live royal at a pub poker tournament with his mates in the UK. Here’s the story of how the hand unfolded, and of how much he won (or didn’t manage to win).

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Music City Shootout

On October 19, Nashville, Tennessee will play host to the Music City Shootout, a charity poker tournament being held to benefit Mother to Mother, a nonprofit organization the provides needy infants and children with vital social services and health and wellness items.

Tax-deductible buy-in tickets of $300 entitle players to a seat at the tables and the chance to win the grand prize, a seat at the 2019 WSOP Main Event. Hundreds of players are expected to attend, including online poker sensation Chris Moorman and 2004 WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Raymer.

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bridge the gap

On the surface, the worlds of poker and finance may appear quite different, but there are far more similarities than differences. Success in each requires discipline, continuous learning, and a healthy dose of patience.

Financial advisor and recreational poker player Andy Siegel decided to combine his two passions by helping poker players with financial planning and investing. Here’s his list of 10 characteristics and strategies that cross over between poker and finance. Perhaps after reading this article, you’ll find it worthwhile to invest more time to improve not only your poker game, but your financial planning, too.

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short deck hold'em hand rankings

Short Deck Hold’em seems to be everywhere in 2018. Originating in Asia a couple years ago, the game has gone mainstream, with high-stakes Short Deck Poker tournaments being broadcast to large audiences of poker fans eager to learn the new variant.

In this article, Geoff Fisk explains what an experienced poker player can expect when giving Short Deck Hold’em a try for the very first time. There are some critical adjustments you’ll need to make both in terms of understanding a different set of rules as well as implementing a new set of strategies.

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PokerStars VR

Amid much buzz for the all-new PokerStars VR, something I had the chance to test out in person and confirm as a legitimately awesome product, I had the chance to speak with the project’s lead developers, Severin Rasset and James O’Reilly.

As with any new, innovative product, usually its debut comes with a number of questions. I posed quite a few to Severin and James and they delivered some intriguing responses that I believe you’ll enjoy reading.

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