mental toughness

Much like top-tier athletes understand the importance of staying mentally tough in order to reach the highest levels of achievement, so too, mental toughness is just as critical for poker players who want to be consistent winners.

Routinely questioning yourself, having the proper mindset, and resetting your brain every so often will help you up your mental fortitude and power through the variance, emotions, and beats that come your way at the poker tables.

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Israel Loves Poker

For the first time ever, there’s a grassroots push to officially lobby Israel’s government to legalize poker. With the game enjoying record levels of popularity countrywide, Israel Poker Academy co-founder Stas Tishkevich is leading the charge to advocate for poker’s legalization in Israel.

Enjoying support from poker luminaries like Eli Elezra, funds are currently being raised via the I LOVE POKER – ISRAEL campaign that will be used towards lobbying the Knesset and Israeli government officials to legally allow Israelis to play poker without having to fly abroad.

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Written by legendary casino cheat Richard Marcus back in 2006, Dirty Poker remains a fascinating read. Though some parts have become somewhat dated, due to technological advancements in enhancing poker security, this book is highly intriguing.

Of specific interest to poker fans, Marcus reveals common cheating methods used online (relatively dated), in live poker rooms (slightly dated) and in home games (still VERY relevant). Certainly worth the time it takes to read this book.

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More poker players than ever before are hitting the $1 million mark in earnings per calendar year. Who was the first “poker millionaire”? Can you guess how many “poker millionaires” there were last year? The year before? What’s causing this phenomenon?

This article takes a closer look at the evolution of poker millionaires over the years. The stats will certainly intrigue you and we’re pretty certain that a couple of them will surprise you!

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Frank Hoerst Jr. with Navy medals

Many Cardplayer Lifestyle readers and poker aficionados in general can probably relate to this story. Perhaps you, too, have had a kindly grandfather or father or uncle like Frank Hoerst Jr. who taught you to play cards, but who was also a rock in your world.

We hope you enjoy this special story about Frank, whose love of poker helped carry him through life and enhance the special bonds he formed with his family.

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A post in which I reflect upon my decision to leave my job as employee and begin doing poker media work and living the Cardplayer Lifestyle full-time. It has been a year since I’ve made the decision, and it’s one I’ll never regret making.

Thankfully, year #1 was a resounding success, and we’ll be moving on to year #2 with a positive outlook and big goals for the future.

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Doug Polk

In many ways, 2017 was “the year of Doug Polk” as far as poker was concerned. Nonetheless, that story didn’t necessary play itself out at the American Poker Awards, where Polk ended the night emptyhanded.

This appeared to serve as some sort of wake-up call, however, with Doug releasing a video heralding a “face turn” and that it’s time for him to change his tone. What follows is our analysis, and some speculation on what to expect from Doug in the future.

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