Usually when you see a top 10 list relating to poker, you’re ready to be entertained in some way. Not THIS top 10 list, though!

This article is packed with valuable information that will help know know the precise factors you ought to be considering when weighing how to play your draws in Texas Hold’em.

Bookmark this article, as it’s one we recommend you revisit and review periodically so as not to forget its valuable tips.

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Paul and Heather Gearan

It’s not unusual for people to plan poker trips to their favorite card room destinations. It IS unusual, however, to start planning for such a trip four-and-a-half years in advance!

Such is the mission of Heather and Paul Gearan, who intend to take a year-long sabbatical to play live poker while traveling across the United States. If you’re a poker fan, the story of these self-dubbed Poker Pilgrims is one you can’t help but love.

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Bicoin poker

Cryptocurrency is all the rage nowadays, with more people looking into its utility as an alternative to fiat currency. The poker community in particular seems to have a vested interest in the success of cryptocurrency, which begs the question of whether we’ll eventually see it being accepted in mainstream large-scale tournament series, such as the World Series of Poker.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, it’s worth examining the pros and cons of what beginning to accept cryptocurrencies might entail for the WSOP.

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Remember those days when any half decent player could walk up to a poker table and pretty much start printing money? Some people had such an easy time winning that thought they were good enough to turn pro! Well, times change, and what might’ve seemed easy as pie poker-wise has gotten a lot harder to accomplish over the years.

Here’s a personal story that illustrates just how vivid a vision for poker success might seem, only to have it come crashing down. Indeed, sometimes man plans and the poker gods have a good laugh.

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One of the dirtiest cheating tactics in poker – collusion – can unfortunately sometimes find it’s way into home games and even brick and mortar establishments. If you spot collusion happening, get up and leave the game immediately.

This article details how collusion can be executed at live poker tables. Always keep your eyes peeled to ensure that neither you nor anyone else at the table is getting cheated.

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Downtown Las Vegas

The Rio will be bustling with WSOP poker activity once again this summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only place to play poker in Las Vegas. In fact, almost all of the city’s poker rooms are packed to the gills during WSOP time and there are plenty of reasons to step away from the Rio and check them out.

While there’s nothing like winning a bracelet, there’s still plenty of poker to enjoy that doesn’t by necessity have to be WSOP-branded. Here, then, are our five top reasons to play non-WSOP poker events around Las Vegas during the summer.

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Just a few weeks remain until the 2018 WSOP gets underway. With the clock ticking down, poker players around the world are starting to feel their collective excitement build and grow until it will hit a crescendo when the Rio’s hallways once again start bustling with their annual summer activity.

With that in mind, I decided to put together a list of the five top reasons I’m excited for the 2018 World Series of Poker.

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Staples pizza

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything when it comes to prop bets, here comes another doozy, courtesy of Bill Perkins. He’s challenged the Staples brothers to pull off yet another incredible feat, and they’ve got one year to try and win another $150,000 off him.

Cardplayer Lifestyle has obtained the exclusive details of the double or nothing prop bet, which you simply have to see to believe.

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