Poker Fighter mobile

Poker-Fighter training is unique in that it gives you a comfortable. risk-free environment in which to learn. The methodology is unique in that it teaches like a strategy guide but plays like a game. Beyond that Poker-Fighter’s step-by-step tutorials help you progressively improve your poker knowledge and, of course, your game.

Plus, you can learn from your PC or laptop as well as on your mobile device, with Poker-Fighter’s all-new app!

After you learn more about this innovative approach to poker training, we’re positive you’ll want to download the software or the app immediately to give Poker-Fighter a try!

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Satellites give recreational poker players a great opportunity to win their way into events with higher buy-ins that they usually can’t afford to play in. Nonetheless, it’s important to play satellite poker tournaments properly.

WSOP bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace goes into detail about two big mistakes that you need to be sure to avoid when playing satellites.

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hospital poker

The orthopedic ward of a hospital isn’t often the scene of smiles and laughs, but for a few special hours on a Saturday night, a group of home game poker players were able to spread some positive vibes.

When your fellow poker buddy is laid out in a hospital bed, the cavalry comes to the rescue with chips, chairs, and good cheer.

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When you play in the same couple of home poker games for 15 years, you’re solidly ensconced in your comfort zone. So what do you do when you get invited to a home game where they play for higher stakes?

Well, after 15 years of saying “no, thanks” I finally said “OK, sure!”

I wonder if it’s a situation that many low-stakes home game players out there can relate to? Here’s how the story played out.

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Printing Money from the Big Blind Post Flop

We all have to post blinds; there’s no avoiding it. That means we all know we’ll be at a big disadvantage at least a couple times per orbit. Solid players realize that their best hope is to minimize expected losses from the big blind. For that reason, My Poker Coaching’s Printing Money From the Big Blind Post-Flop course can prove to be quite valuable indeed.

In this article, we review the course and explain why you ought to consider giving it a try.

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worst cards

The great Kenny Rogers advised us all to “know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em.” Part of knowing when to fold’em implies that you’ll understand when your starting hand is simply atrocious. Perhaps you’re familiar with the notorious deuce-seven as the worst possible Texas Hold’em starting hand… but what about other horrible hands?

In this article we list some of the worst possible starting hands to get dealt in Texas Hold’em. Do yourself a favor: memorize them, and then forget about ever playing them at the tables.

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video poker

Have you ever scoffed at all those video poker players while walking to the poker room, saying to yourself “that’s not REAL poker”? Well, it certainly is, plus there’s plenty of strategy and skill involved in winning big at video poker. However much poker you’ve played, when the house has an advantage against you, it’s an uphill climb. But is it possible to tilt the odds back a bit in your favor?

Have a look at our list of 6 tips and tricks to help you improve at video poker and enable you to statistically win more money at one of the more popular casino games of all time.

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