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Bad luck

Don’t Let Bad Poker Results Get You Down

Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to prevent bad poker results. Regardless of how much you work on your game, the cards may simply just not fall your way. Rest assured, plenty of luck is always involved in poker – even for the greatest of players. You just stick to your plan, keep on working on your game, and doing everything in your power to minimize the effect luck has on you so that you’re giving yourself the best shot of turning things around.

politics and religion

9 Topics You Should Never Discuss at the Poker Table

Whether you’re a recreational poker player or a seasoned pro, you’re likely to prefer sitting at a fun poker table. Animated conversation always complements poker action well. But if the conversation at the poker table turns to any of these 9 topics, chances are the atmosphere will turn sour quickly. Here’s a list of topics you should never talk about at the poker table along with the reasons those topics should remain taboo.

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How To Play Well Against Famous Poker Players

Just when you thought recreational poker players had no hope against the pros, who seem to be final tabling and winning every World Series of Poker event there is, Cardplayer Lifestyle is here to give you some great advice for what to do when faced with a name poker player across the table. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have an excellent defense against the arsenal that experienced pros bring with them to the felt.