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7 Factors to Weigh When Looking for Soft Poker Tournament Fields

Seasoned tournament poker players know that the best value can be found in soft fields. But how to find these elusive soft fields? Well, frankly, there are a number of factors that act as telltale signs that a particular poker tournament field is more likely to be soft.

Here, we list seven factors you ought to weigh when looking for a soft poker tournament field. Careful evaluation based on these parameters is certainly likely to increase your expected value.

poker outs

Poker Tips By George: But I Had Outs!

In his ongoing series of strategy pieces, George “the Engineer” Epstein gives us a primer on outs and how to calculate them. Doing the math right is a critical skill when playing poker, especially when facing skilled opponents.

It goes without saying that brushing up on your math skills, namely correctly calculating your outs in given poker situations, is sure to help you make the right decisions, whether it’s checking, folding, knowing how much to bet, or if the right move is to call your opponent’s all-in shove.

simultaneous hold'em and omaha

5 Home Game Poker Variants Guaranteed to Generate Lots of Action

Everyone who has ever played a hand of poker understands the importance of the game having good action. Hold’em games are notorious for trying one’s patience, while even mixed games might be lackluster once in a while. Our solution? Introducing a bevy of Dealer’s Choice games!

In this article, we’ll detail how to play five popular poker variants that home game poker aficionados have been known to enjoy. The common denominator? All of them are guaranteed to drive the action during your next poker session.

3 Tips for Developing a Professional Poker Mentality

The good folks at Upswing Poker understand what it means to be a professional player. In this strategy article, they list a number of important tips to keep in mind in order to develop the proper mentality needed to be a professional.

With poker getting tougher by the day, there’s no doubt that adhering to these principles is more critical to a poker player’s success than ever before.

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What to Look for from Sites Offering Poker Room Reviews

Over the years, a sizable percentage of online poker players have registered their accounts via signing up through an affiliate site. Such sites are known for offering reviews of the more popular online poker rooms, but the best affiliate sites also offer their visitors a lot more added value.

In this article, we’ll review what you should look for in an affiliate poker site prior to selecting an online poker room in which to play.