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A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Poker Pro

All is equal when you sit down with other players to start a poker tournament, right? Well, there’s a lot that separates the average Joes from the poker pros.

In this article, WSOP bracelet winner Chris Wallace gives us a glimpse into the mind of a professional poker player. Once you can better understand their perspective, you’ll see the extent to which you’re outclassed as a recreational player – but more importantly, also understand how you can counter the pros’ tactics.

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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Play Online Poker

With upwards of 500 online poker rooms out there, it can be a tough task to determine which of them is best for you to play at. We’ve put together a list of 7 select parameters via which you will best be able to distinguish between the online poker rooms and decide where to play.

This is a very long article, but an extremely well-researched one. So, if you’ve looking for the best advice on how to choose an online poker room, you’ll find it in here.

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Poker Tips By George: Bluffing is Essential!

In his ongoing series of strategy pieces, George “the Engineer” Epstein reminds us that bluffing is essential. This might seem relatively obvious, even to beginner poker players. What might not be as obvious, however, is hot to mix up said bluffs so as to ensure their effectiveness.

Specifically, George reviews the concept of the Esther Bluff, a tried and true method that’s been scientifically proven to be effective at the poker tables.