21 Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow for Poker Positivity

Among the numerous repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, there unfortunately seems to have been a surge of caustic negativity on social media, Twitter in particular. Being repeatedly or excessively exposed to negative influences naturally tends to have a corresponding effect on one’s overall mood. I know I’m not immune to it. It can be tough to remain upbeat when seemingly everywhere you turn online all you see is doom and gloom. It’s for that reason that to the greatest extent possible I try to follow folks in the poker world who inspire positivity and make me smile.

About a month ago, Alec Torelli put the word out that he wanted to shake things up a bit on his Twitter timeline.

While there are of course loads of people in the world whose Twitter accounts fit the descriptions Alec was searching for, for the purposes of this article I’ve focused exclusively within the poker world and the positivity that can be found within, if you know where to look.

As with every list, I’m sure people will point out “snubs.” Let me assure you that it’s not as though I “left anyone out on purpose.” I just thought 21 was a good number and the individuals listed below were the first 21 who came to mind (listed in alphabetical order). As a matter of fact, I’d love nothing more than to get oodles of comments from people listing loads more positive people in poker.

poker twitter positivity

1. Robert Campbell

The 2020 WSOP Player of the Year has a sense of humor that can brighten up anyone’s day. Robert Campbell clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is a welcome stance on life from one of poker’s top tournament players.

2. Norman Chad

The legendary WSOP commentator, Norman Chad is always in character, even on Twitter. Norman’s posts provide a daily dose of comic relief, sarcasm and trademark bad jokes from the master himself.

3. Antonio Esfandiari

Always a talkative, entertaining showman at the poker table, Antonio Esfandiari’s Twitter presence is every bit as engaging as the legendary poker star. Clearly grateful for everything he has in life, Esfandiari loves to reflect on the past, both on and off the table. These reflections on the life of a one-of-a-kind personality are fascinating.

4. Tony G

Never one to disappoint when it comes to entertaining at the poker table, Tony G has the heart of a champion and is the owner of an equally compelling Twitter account. For much of the past year, the Tony G Twitter feed has included numerous posts on his experiments with fasting, the keto diet, and his overall approach to improved health.

5. Phil Galfond

It’s pretty tough to not be inspired by Phil Galfond, in light of his unfathomable comeback win in the first round of the Galfond Challenge. Galfond’s positive attitude, even at the lowest depths of the challenge, is something every poker player can learn from. The Run It Once founder is one of poker’s most important advocates, and just a quick view at Galfond’s Twitter can provide an entire day’s worth of inspiration.

6. Lynn Gilmartin

Another of poker’s best ambassadors, Lynn Gilmartin exudes positivity through the television screen while hosting World Poker Tour broadcasts. That same positivity is on display on Gilmartin’s Twitter account. Viewing this feed makes one look forward to the day the World Poker Tour comes back.

7. Phil Hellmuth

Mr. #POSITIVITY himself, Phil Hellmuth clearly makes a genuine effort to live up to that title on his social media accounts. Look for the #POSITIVITY posts on Hellmuth’s feed and get inspired by a daily dose of optimism from the 15-time WSOP bracelet winner.

8. Sarah Herring

The face of televised poker coverage for PokerNews, Sarah Herring has been one of poker media’s most recognizable personalities for years. “Aunty Chardonnay’s” Twitter makes it clear that Herring has great passion for what she does, and loves the game of poker.

9. Chad Holloway

The PokerNews Head of Live Reporting in the U.S., Chad Holloway is another staple of the poker media. His love for the history of game, and the modern poker industry, shine through on Holloway’s Twitter account. Holloway has always used his social media platform to promote poker players, authors, and programming.

10. Jonathan Little

The Twitter account of Jonathan Little might just inspire you to study the game of poker and become the best player (and person!) you can possibly be. The veteran poker coach posts all kinds of analysis about tough spots you might face at the poker table, posts videos and live streams daily talking all manner of poker and non-poker-related topics with occasional cameos from members of his family, and produces one of the most informative poker-centric feeds found on Twitter.

11. Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack, aka “ThePokerBoss,” really is the poker boss at one of the most prestigious poker rooms in the world. The Director of Poker Operations at Aria, McCormack’s Twitter is utterly devoid of any kind of negativity. Every post from McCormack is based in positivity, and his “ThePokerBoss” feed is a great place to look for a little optimism.

12. Kristen Bicknell

One of the top poker players in the world (currently ranked No. 4 in the Global Poker Index), Kristen Bicknell is also one of poker nicest and most positive personalities. Bicknell’s Twitter is often filled with not just poker content, but also thoughts on overall health and life improvement.

13. Chad McVean

Perhaps the definitive authority on the world of poker podcasts, Chad McVean’s Twitter is a one-stop shop for positive promotion of poker’s best podcasts. If you’re looking for poker podcast content curated by someone who always keeps things on the up and up (with the occasional dose of hockey and all other things Canadian), look no further than the Twitter feed of Chad McVean.

14. Andrew Neeme

It’s nearly impossible to not like Andrew Neeme, one of poker’s essential content creators. Much like his poker vlogs, Neeme’s Twitter goes heavy on the positivity, and is yet another format in which Neeme acts as one of poker’s greatest ambassadors.

15. Brad Owen

Much like his often co-conspirator Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen’s vlogs are some of the best video content poker has to offer, as over 200,000 YouTube channel subscribers can attest. Owen recently used his Twitter as a vehicle to raise funds for poker dealers during the COVID-19 crisis, a positive initiative if there ever was one.

16. Uncle Ron

Always good for a laugh, Uncle Ron’s Twitter feed chronicles the adventures of “the ultimate poker railbird” across the country. Highlights include Uncle Ron selling PokerGO subscriptions door-to-door in Kansas, as seen in the tweet below. In an era where our game needs more engaging characters, Uncle Ron is as beloved as they come.

17. Matt Savage

Matt Savage’s contributions to the game of poker go far beyond his duties as poker’s quintessential tournament director. Savage’s Twitter posts are always aimed at ways to improve and evolve the game, and there’s no better source for this than the WPT Executive Tour Director. Just note that if you follow him, you may be lured into watching the, ahem, “classic” poker film Lucky You.

18. Jaime Staples

Another guy who’s just so easy to root for, Jaime Staples has proven himself as prolific in many forms of content production. Staples’ Twitter is a jump-off point to his many forms of poker content, including his Twitch channel and Weekly Poker Showdown program.

19. Jennifer Tilly

Following along with Jennifer Tilly’s journey through the COVID-19 lockdown gives you some much needed humor, as well as some honest perspective. Her lockdown log aside, for years Jennifer’s Twitter account has been a source of fun, happiness and positivity for the poker world (as well as lots of Chucky-themed content).

20. Alec Torelli

As mentioned above, it was Alec’s Tweet that inspired this article. That said, Alec’s Twitter account ought not to be overlooked, as it, too, is a bastion of positivity. Always on the lookout to help poker players by providing and curating interesting content Alec is clearly not only a seeker of positivity but also a provider.

21. Tom Wheaton

The founder of Faded Spade playing cards, Tom Wheaton’s Twitter account is heavy on inspirational, positive posts. Wheaton’s Twitter account is another great follow for a daily dose of optimism.

Ed. Note: My sincere thanks to our contributing writer Geoff Fisk for his behind-the-scenes assistance in putting this article together, and specifically for including my own Twitter account and very kind description below as a “bonus member” of the list.

BONUS: Robbie Strazynski

“Relentless positivity” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Cardplayer Lifestyle founder Robbie Strazynski. One of the most enthusiastic promoters of the poker industry, Robbie finds ways to exude his inspiring and optimistic approach to life daily on Twitter. Whether it’s his own posts, promoting his contributing writers, or commenting on, curating, an retweeting the posts of others, Robbie’s Twitter truly embodies the word “positive”.



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