Mixed Game Plaques

An integral component of playing mixed game poker is knowing which poker variant is being played. For that reason, mixed game plaques are incredibly useful. Each plaque used in mixed game poker indicates the game being played in large lettering, so that all players at the table can clearly see which game is being played, regardless of which seat they’re occupying at the poker table. This helps the dealer, too, as far as lessening the likelihood of their accidentally making any errors.

Mixed games are spread in many brick and mortar poker rooms and casinos in North America and Europe, but are known to be even more popular in home games worldwide. Plaques might not be essential in order for home games to best replicate that poker room or casino experience for mixed game play, but they sure do enhance such sessions and take them to the next level.

Here at Cardplayer Lifestyle, we’ve long been fierce advocates for the spread of mixed game poker play. We pioneered the Mixed Game Festival concept in September 2021 and run at least a couple such series each year. With the festivals’ primary offering being $4/8 dealer’s choice games, they’ve proven to be very popular at attracting new players to mixed game poker.

Producing our own Cardplayer Lifestyle-branded mixed game plaques is clearly the logical next step. Now, we’re giving you all the opportunity to bring the Mixed Game Festival fun right into your home game, utilizing professional-grade mixed game plaques every time you play.

Mixed Game Plaques


Mixed Game Plaques: Product Description

Each plaque’s length is 3.8 in (9.65cm) while its height is 2.6 in (6.6 cm). The plaque’s thickness is 1/8 in (.32 cm) on two-toned acrylic (black and white).

Double Board Omaha Best Best

Each plaque is engraved with one of 30 game variant options, with the Cardplayer Lifestyle logo engraved towards the bottom. Custom mixed game plaques can also be made upon request (see below).

The 30 mixed game variant options are:


2-7 Single Draw Big O Drawmaha 49
2-7 Triple Draw Crazy Pineapple Limit Hold’em
7-Card Stud Double Board Omaha (Best-Best) Omaha
7-Card Stud 8 or Better Drawmaha Omaha 8 or Better
A-5 Triple Draw Drawmaha A-5 Pot Limit Omaha
Archie Drawma-dugi (A-4) PLO 8 or Better
Badacey Drawmaha 2-7 Razz
Badeucey Drawmaha Hi-dugi Razzdeucey
Badugi Drawmaha Zero (0) Razzdugi
NL Hold’em PLO Oma-jack

Mixed Game Plaques: Cost and Shipping

The cost per plaque is $12, and a 15% discount will automatically be applied to your purchase when you buy five (5) plaques or more.

Cardplayer Lifestyle’s mixed game plaques are custom produced in the USA by pourednotstirred.com and each item is made to order. Thus, please allow up to two Business Weeks for your item to be made and a shipping label to be created.

The plaques can be shipped worldwide.


*If you are interested in large orders of mixed game plaques or do not see a game listed, please email the supplier directly to suggest adding it, or for making a possible custom order: [email protected].