Jonathan Little


A Stroll Around Poker’s Hallowed Halls at the WSOP

Pretty much every single poker fan has watched the World Series of Poker on TV. When you’ve been doing so for over a third of your life, but haven’t yet experienced it in person, you get serious FOMO.

My maiden trip out to the WSOP was full of incredible experiences, some of which I’ve documented in this blog post about what it’s like to walk around the Rio, and through it’s famed hallways.

I hope you enjoy.

Interview with Jonathan Little

Together with Bruce Briggs, my co-host over at the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, I recently interviewed Jonathan Little, a 2-time winner at the World Poker Tour and author of a number great poker books as well as hundreds of great poker strategy articles and videos. Jonathan spoke with us about a number of interesting topics, offering his views on sunglasses and headphones while at the poker table, telling us why poker coaching for $300 per hour could very easily be justified, and regaling us with interesting stories about he got his start playing poker professionally. Have a listen to Episode 223 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast and enjoy the summarized transcript.

Review: Jonathan Little’s Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Series

If you’re looking to purchase a great poker book, there’s a series of three, by Jonathan Little, that we highly recommend. Having read through all three volumes of his series, called Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, I think poker players, both casual and grinders, will find it educational and helpful for their bottom line. Read on for the specifics of why I feel that’s the case