Andrew Neeme


Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen on the Anatomy of a Poker Meet-Up Game

Meet-up games (MUGs) have become exceedingly popular in live poker circles over the last couple of years in large part due to the efforts of popular poker vloggers Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme.

We caught up with the dynamic duo to learn more about how they plan their MUGs, what goes on during a typical meet-up game, and to hear some of their personal highlights of MUGs past.

Ask the Poker Experts: WSOP Tips for Cash Game Players

Seasoned cash game players Roy Cooke, Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen, and Tim “The Trooper97” Watts form our panel of poker experts this month to provide their best tips to players heading to Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker specifically to play cash games.

These veterans of the Las Vegas-based poker scene have a unique and expert perspective as locals and their tips to visiting players will certainly offer plenty of unparalleled value.