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5 Things to Consider If You’re Thinking About Playing Poker Professionally

Many people dream of being able to play poker professionally. The perks are great, of course, with tremendous potential upside, but there’s a lot of potential downside and risk to consider as well.

If you debating whether or not a career in poker is for you, be sure to carefully consider how prepared you’ll need to be for the roller coaster ride it can often be.

ask the experts

Ask the Poker Experts: Help! I’m Too Scared to Move Up in Stakes!

Professional poker players Lena Evans, Maureen Bloechlinger, Jamie Kerstetter, and David Lappin form our panel of poker experts this month to answer a common question among recreational players, namely when it’s appropriate to move up in stakes.

Beyond explaining the mathematical components to the answer, they also collectively tackle the psychological issues at play, as well as point out the important role of timing and game selection.


Backing 101 – A Guide to Finding, Negotiating, and Profiting From Backing Deals

There are a number of reasons why a poker player might wish to be backed rather than play with his or her own bankroll. It’s important to enter into backing agreements with full knowledge of what they entail and what they mean for both the backer and the player.

In this guide you’ll learn about different kinds of backing deals as well as the factors that can help you make the decision as to whether they’re a good fit for you in the first place.

road to success

The Road to Online Poker Success in 2018

The road to online poker success in 2018 is far longer and more intense than it has ever been before. With that said, it’s not an endless road, and there is still certainly the possibility of success. The key is that you’ll have to invest a lot of time and effort in truly studying hard to become a better player.

Enrolling in poker courses is a worthwhile investment that will end up paying dividends in the form of you actually achieving online poker success, that is if you dedicate the appropriate time and resources to make the most of your online poker education.

bridge the gap

10 Things the Financial World Has in Common with Poker

On the surface, the worlds of poker and finance may appear quite different, but there are far more similarities than differences. Success in each requires discipline, continuous learning, and a healthy dose of patience.

Financial advisor and recreational poker player Andy Siegel decided to combine his two passions by helping poker players with financial planning and investing. Here’s his list of 10 characteristics and strategies that cross over between poker and finance. Perhaps after reading this article, you’ll find it worthwhile to invest more time to improve not only your poker game, but your financial planning, too.