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3 Ways To Lessen Rake Impact In Poker

The house will always rake a poker game it’s hosting. That’s how they stay in business after all. For you to stay in business s a poker player, however, you need to not only beat your opponents, but also minimize the impact of rake on your overall win rate.

In this article, Tadas Peckaitis gives three top tips that you can utilize to lessen the poker rake’s impact on your bottom line.

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Top 3 Ways to Find Local Poker Games

When you’re in need of local poker information, whether it’s a brick and mortar casino/poker room, home games, or larger tournament festivals in town, the most important thing is to know where and how to find what you’re looking for.

In this article, Tadas Peckaitis shares three top methods for how to find all the local poker information you need: via mobile apps, social media, and the Hendon Mob database.


3 Valuable Tips to Exploit Recreational Players

Recreational poker players show up at the tables to enjoy themselves. While they don’t “play by the book” and can often put more seasoned players in confusing spots, you need to embrace their presence at the felt.

Since most of the money you win at poker will come from recreational players, it’s important to know how to exploit their tendencies. Here, then, is a list of three tips for how to do just that.

c-betting strategy

Top 3 Tips for C-Betting in 2020

Not knowing proper c-betting strategy is one of the biggest — and most common — holes in a poker player’s game. As such, mastering these strategies is practically guaranteed to up your win rate.

Poker coach Tadas Peckaitis offer three top c-betting tips that’ll instantly help you fix your leaks, hold on to your chips, and stack your opponents.