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royal flush

My First Royal

Do you remember the time when you hit your first royal flush? It’s usually a story that’ll be burned in your memory forever. Calum Grant just hit his first live royal at a pub poker tournament with his mates in the UK. Here’s the story of how the hand unfolded, and of how much he won (or didn’t manage to win).

Jason Glatzer

Get to Know the Poker Media: Jason Glatzer

Next up in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series is Jason Glatzer. I usually send out the interview questionnaires via email and do the back and forth online, so it was thus quite special to be able to chat with Jason in person and hear his answers in real time.

I hope you enjoy getting to know him better, in the latest installment of our ongoing series chronicling the lives and careers of poker’s finest media members.

Jaime Staples

Before and After, with Jaime Staples: How Life Has Changed Since His Physical Transformation

At the 2018 EPT Barcelona, I caught up with the “new and improved” PokerStars ambassador Jaime Staples. After having transformed his physical appearance winning a bet with Bill Perkins, I dove deep with Jaime to see how that affected his day-to-day life, his poker play, and overall outlook.

We also discussed how his personal transformation inspired the idea for him to give away a Platinum Pass. I hope you enjoy watching this video interview, with transcript also included.

Igor Kurganov

Interview with Igor Kuganov

PokerStars ambassador Igor Kurganov is giving away a Platinum Pass to someone who can successfully navigate the gauntlet of mind-bending quizzes that he and his girlfriend, fellow PokerStars ambassador Liv Boeree, have compiled.

In this interview, taken at the 2018 EPT Barcelona, we turn the tables on Igor and see if he can handle a little quiz that we put together just for him. Enjoy this video, with accompanying transcript.

Barcelona schematic map

What Lies Beyond the Poker Room?

Living a Cardplayer Lifestyle affords poker players with tremendous freedom as well as the opportunity to travel the world playing the game they love. It’s important, however, to not just limit what you see to the inside of casinos and poker rooms, and to also enjoy the great places you travel to for poker.

While covering the 2018 EPT Barcelona, I took a day off to explore the city. This post details the sights and sounds that greeted me, and relates my experiences better than any pictures could capture.