Top 10 Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Poker Brand in 2024

By Melanie Moser
January 31, 2024

Since I started working with poker players about eight years ago, a common question has been, “How do I become a member of Team Pro?” While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, companies tend to look for attributes ranging from content creation and fan base to geographic reach, entertainment factor, uniqueness, and poker results. Many aspiring pros focus heavily on results, but even if you’re playing small stakes or aren’t a long-time winner, there are still ways to build your brand and catch the attention of poker companies. In this article I’ll share my top 10 strategies to enhance your visibility and elevate your poker brand while working towards that next big win.

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1. Video Content Creation

In today’s digital era, platforms like YouTube and Twitch are indispensable for brand building. Take Lex Veldhuis, for example, who has for years captivated audiences with his engaging and educational streams. He filled virtual arenas as big as the Rolling Stones did in their prime.

Similarly, Daniel Negreanu‘s WSOP vlogs have become a summer staple, drawing in thousands with their mix of authenticity, storytelling, and poker excitement. By creating engaging video content that showcases your unique personality and insights, you can build a loyal following and establish yourself as a respected figure in the poker community.

2. Poker Community Engagement

Active engagement in poker forums and social media groups is more than just networking; it’s about building a personal connection with the community. Thinking back to summer 2023 and the rise of platforms like X Spaces, which has brought forward individuals who have made a mark not as traditional poker pros, but as influential community voices. Whether it’s offering insights, joining discussions, or even stirring the pot, engaging with your audience can significantly boost your visibility and establish you as a go-to figure in the poker world.

3. Collaborate with Others in the Poker Industry

Collaboration can open doors to new opportunities and audiences. Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen, for instance, combined their individual followings to create something bigger, expanding their reach with meetup games and joint content, and eventually landing in a successful sponsorship deal with the World Poker Tour. Collaborations, whether temporary or long-term, can lead to growth opportunities and enhance your brand’s authenticity and appeal.

4. Charity and Cause Involvement

Aligning with charities or causes reflects the heart behind your brand. It’s about more than just playing poker; it’s showing what you stand for. By picking a cause that resonates with you and sharing your involvement, you humanize your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level. This authenticity not only resonates with your audience but also can attract like-minded sponsors and partners.

5. Poker Coaching and Teaching

Sharing your knowledge through coaching or teaching is a powerful way to build your poker brand. Take the example of Phil Galfond, a renowned professional poker player who elevated his profile in the poker industry by establishing Run It Once, a highly successful online poker training platform.

Through Run It Once, Galfond has not only showcased his expertise but also contributed significantly to the poker community by providing comprehensive educational resources, including videos, articles, forums, and coaching sessions. This business move not only helped him but also the other coaches on the site who’ve all expanded their brands and solidified their status as respected figures in the world of poker, demonstrating the impact that coaching and teaching can have.

6. Engaging with Fans on Social Media

Social media platforms offer direct channels to interact with your audience. Hosting AMAs, going live at events, or sharing behind-the-scenes content helps in building a loyal fanbase. These interactions not only boost your online presence but also give your audience a sense of connection, making them more invested in your brand and journey.

Felipe Mojave Ramos never fails to get the mix just right on his social channels. He takes us to beautiful poker locations and gives us the closest insight into his poker journey through the lens of his phone, while also sharing his personal life with wife Natalie Hof Ramos (a staple name in the poker industry herself) and their adorable daughter Luna. Life as a poker playing husband, dad and entrepreneur. A story so many people can relate to, which has led to him scoring one big brand deal after the other.

Felipe Ramos instagram

7. Writing and Sharing Your Poker Journey

Establishing yourself as a thought leader through writing can significantly impact your brand. Sharing your experiences and insights, like how David Roberts intertwined his personal love story at the poker table, can captivate readers. This form of content not only offers entertainment but also serves as a platform for showing your depth and understanding of the game as well as how it has impacted your personal life #pokerpowercouple 🙂

8. Poker Podcast Appearances

Featuring on poker podcasts, like Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan’s “Poker in the Ears,” is an excellent way to reach a broader audience. Podcasts allow for in-depth discussions, providing a platform to share your story, insights, and experiences. This medium can enhance your visibility, especially when engaging in honest and open dialogues about your poker journey. Have a browse to see which podcast suits your brand and don’t be shy to approach a podcast host and pitch them why they should have YOU on as a guest. Personal branding is also about selling yourself.

9. Pursue Poker Brand Partnerships

Landing a sponsorship with a top company in the poker industry is a significant milestone. It involves showcasing a unique brand identity and value that aligns with potential sponsors. Developing a strong, consistent brand message and demonstrating your impact in the poker community are key to attracting such partnerships.

10. Develop a Unique Personal Brand

Finding and showcasing what makes you unique is crucial. Take Marle Spragg, for example, whose humorous and satirical take on poker has garnered a significant following. Embracing and showcasing your unique qualities can make you stand out in the crowded poker world, attracting both fans and potential sponsors.


Building a strong brand in the poker industry requires effort, creativity, and strategic thinking. If you’re looking to elevate your poker brand, I’m here to assist with A-Game Agency. With expertise in marketing and brand development, we can create a tailored plan to enhance your presence in the poker world. Contact me to begin our collaboration and boost your poker career!



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Melanie Moser
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Melanie Moser

Melanie Moser has been a familiar face in the poker industry since 2011, starting her career in Vienna in casino guest relations and then moving onto the cash floor. Her hands-on experience there gave her a real feel for the poker scene. Moving to London, she expanded her skill set, managing poker events and diving […]

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