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I am GTO

What the Hell is GTO?

Are you starting to get tired of hearing poker players everywhere talking about GTO this and GTO that? It’s one thing to think you know what game theory optimal play refers to, but it’s another thing entirely to actually know what it means.

In this article, Chris Wallace gives us a primer on the true meaning of GTO and explains the ins and outs of how the theory can be applied via simple, straightforward examples.

press your luck

Poker Tips by George: On a Winning Streak? Don’t Lose it All Back!

Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Senior contributor George Epstein has seen his share of luck, both good and bad. He’s gone on more winning and losing streaks at the poker tables than you can count.

This article’s tip might seem obvious, but George wants to remind all poker players out there that when you inevitably get on a lucky win streak, you can’t press that luck, otherwise you’re likely to lose all those winnings back.


Top 3 Tips for Bluffing in No-Limit Hold’em

Bluffing at the poker table isn’t something that should be done at random or with careless abandon. It’s an important tool for any poker player to have, but you’ve got to be prepared to bluff effectively and in the right spots.

In this article Tadas Peckaitis gives his top three tips for bluffing in no-limit hold’em. While the advice itself might not seem groundbreaking, it’s the attention one pays to detail when carrying out bluffs that can be the difference-maker in the long run as regards profitability.