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Top 5 Poker Etiquette Rules You MUST Follow

Just because you know poker’s hand rankings doesn’t mean you understand everything there is to know about how to play the game. Beyond strategy, there’s a litany of poker etiquette rules that players must follow. Unfortunately, not everyone is always capable of doing so.

Here’s our list of five of the most important poker etiquette rules to follow. Even if you know them and abide by them, they’re worthwhile to review, if only to share them (politely) with other players when the situation warrants it.


3 Profitable Adjustments to Make to Your Pre-flop Game

If you’re looking for new ways to lock up some profits and prevent your opponents from taking your chips, making some strategic adjustments could be the way to go.

Generally speaking, advanced poker players need to be ready to mix things up so as to keep opponents off balance. Winning players also understand the inherent value of making such adjustments, so why not ensure that you’re one of them?!

Bad Beat

Poker Tips By George: Bad beats DO happen

Bad beats are a part of poker. No matter how much skill we accrue while studying the game, there’s always an element of luck in poker. Sometimes, luck favors us and we manage to suck out and scoop a huge pot. Other times, you’re on the reverse end of that situation and you’ll be moaning about the bad beat for years to come.

George “the Engineer” Epstein reminds us, in this ongoing series of strategy pieces, that sometimes there’s quite literally nothing you can do to prevent a bad beat. All that’s in your power to do it accept it gracefully and move on.

good night sleep

5 Reasons Why Getting More Sleep Will Improve Your Poker Game

Serious poker players put in tons of work to improve their games. Whether it’s hitting the books, getting coached by pros, or working hard on their mental game and eating right, there are plenty of ways to try and get an edge at the tables.

One of the simplest, most overlooked, ways to get better at poker. however, is actually quite easy: get a good night’s sleep. Too many players overlook this important part of being able to play one’s A-game. In this article, we give you five reasons why getting a good night’s sleep will help you improve at poker.

casino lifestyle

5 Tips and Tricks to Use When Living the Casino Lifestyle

If you frequently travel to casinos to play poker, you might fall into routines that could end up costing you. It pays to keep expenses low, take advantage of special offers, and enjoy the scenery outside the poker room.

Veteran poker traveler Chad Holloway put together a great list of tips to help you squeeze the most value out of your poker trips. It’s some solid advice that quite literally pays to heed.