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Let’s See What This Short Deck Hold’em Craze Is All About

Short Deck Hold’em seems to be everywhere in 2018. Originating in Asia a couple years ago, the game has gone mainstream, with high-stakes Short Deck Poker tournaments being broadcast to large audiences of poker fans eager to learn the new variant.

In this article, Geoff Fisk explains what an experienced poker player can expect when giving Short Deck Hold’em a try for the very first time. There are some critical adjustments you’ll need to make both in terms of understanding a different set of rules as well as implementing a new set of strategies.

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How Should a Poker Player Deal with a Big Upswing?

If you’re fortunate enough to notch a big score playing poker, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to protect your newfound wealth. There are plenty of things you shouldn’t do, but also plenty of actions you ought to take.

WSOP bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace has had a few big scores over his career and has some valuable advice to those fortunate enough to score big wins of their own.

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The House Edge in Poker and Other Casino Games

Casinos, poker rooms, and gambling houses are in the business of making money. As such, they offer games in which they’ve got a built-in “house edge.” Thus, the savvy gambler ought to make it his/her business to know just how big the house’s edge is, and – if possible – how to minimize it. In fact, in poker, the house edge can be completely eliminated; all you’ve got to content with are your opponents and, of course, luck!

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3 Top Tips for Transitioning to Pot Limit Omaha

As more and more players transition from Hold’em to PLO in order to try and gain an edge in a game that fewer players are skilled at, it becomes that much more important to know what you’re getting into when you make the transition.

If you’re able to begin playing pot limit omaha with these tips in mind, you’ll be far better prepared for what the game will throw at you and hopefully have a leg up on other players transitioning over from Hold’em.

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Top 10 Differences Between Online Poker and Live Poker

While the same game might be being played in live poker and online poker, there are numerous differences between the two. It;s not that one version of the game is better than the other, but rather that game play in each differs based on a number of various factors.

In this article, Tadas Peckaitis lists the top 10 differences between live and online poker. Many poker players only find success either live or online. Reading this list of differences might help explain why.