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Ask the Poker Experts: What Do You Do in the Aftermath of the WSOP?

After grinding hard throughout the World Series of Poker, professional players have a variety of ways they choose to tackle the weeks in the immediate aftermath.

In this latest installment of our ongoing Ask the Poker Experts series, poker pros Brian Hastings, Adam Levy, Jonathan Little, and James Obst share what they do post-WSOP. How they handle this unique time on the poker calendar can prove to be instructive for the rest of us.

Poker Tips by George: Did I Goof?

You haven’t played poker until you’ve gotten your aces cracked, right? While this is bound to happen in a math-based game like Texas Hold’em, is still isn’t fun to be on the receiving end… especially if there’s something you might’ve been able to do to prevent such an outcome.

Our Senior Contributor, George Epstein, shares a recent such hand he played, where he thinks he goofed, big time.