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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Poker Game Exciting

There are a number of excellent ways to inject newfound excitement into your home poker game if it’s getting a little stale. Whether it’s a matter of raising the stakes, adding a new poker game to the mix, taking your group of regulars to a proper casino poker room or other ideas, there are plenty of things you can do to keep things exciting when you play poker with your buddies.

The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2

Poker Book Review: The Mental Game of Poker

Jared Tendler’s The Mental Game of Poker is a true 5-star classic! For years people have said that Brunson’s Super System or the Harrington on Hold’em series are must-reads for the poker playing set. This book shouldn’t just be added to that list, it should be at or near the top. Arguably, having an A+ mental poker game is more important than your poker game itself. Read our full review to see why this book is guaranteed to make you the best poker player you can possibly be.

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