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The Advantages of Being Short Stacked in No Limit Texas Hold’em

The dynamics of no limit Texas Holdem ring games means that buying in for the absolute maximum may not always be your best option. Forget what the so called experts tell you about always buying in for the maximum; this only applies if several factors are in place. Firstly you need to have an advantage and a significant advantage over some of your opponents for your big stack to do you any good. If you haven’t and you are –EV against the entire table then what is the point in buying in for the maximum?

Map of Atlantic City

Where a Poker Player Should Stay and Play in Atlantic City: Part 2

In planning out your Atlantic City poker trip, a player should realize that there are a lot of promotions run by the rooms that can significantly decrease overhead costs. The fact is, of all the poker rooms in Atlantic City, the 4 Caesars properties have the best promotions in the city, by far! I’ve done the research for you – below you’ll find the most up-to-date list of direct numbers to all the poker rooms in Atlantic City, courtesy of Cardplayer Lifestyle’s poker blog. I know I’ll be carrying a copy of these numbers with me next time I visit.

Where a Poker Player Should Stay and Play in Atlantic City: Part 1

This poker blog is meant to cover a variety of topics. Normally I write about what’s going on in the poker world or the world of online poker. Sometimes we post videos of some of television’s most popular poker shows like High Stakes Poker. And still other times, I write about some of my own poker-related experiences. Recently, I took a trip to Atlantic City and had a boatload of new and exiting experiences. I came away from the tables having learnt a ton, and I wanted to share some things with readers of my poker blog. Many of the next few blogs posts I write up will cover the things I did and learned while on my trip.