Can Playing Online Poker Make You a Better Player?

By Robbie Strazynski
December 14, 2012

It is easy to think that Internet poker sites are only useful to people who are completely new to the game. While it is certainly true that beginners can get a lot out of playing online poker, experienced players can also benefit from it as well, for a number of reasons.

Tips to improve poker

It Allows You to Play More Often

If you have reached a certain skill level with your poker playing and want to improve further, the best thing you can do is play more often. Most people can’t just head out to their local casino whenever they want to hone their game. Some poker players also live quite far from the nearest live poker rooms, so the option of playing online is a great one to have.

Indeed, the best part of being able to play poker online is the ease of accessibility – you can have a go as often as you want to and even when you don’t have a lot of free time to do so. Many players, both beginners and those with more experience, take advantage of poker websites to grab some quick games whenever they have the chance,  rather than trying to set aside a specific day or time of the week in which to have lengthy sessions. Even a few hands at a time, these pockets of online poker play just add to a player’s experience and can help improve their skills over time.

You Can Join Online Poker Communities

Another great way of moving up to the next level with your poker playing is to speak and discuss strategy and played hands with other players. This can easily be accomplished in an online poker community, where you can share comments and tips with like-minded players as well as enjoy the social experience of chatting with them. It’s a given that connecting with other players will help you learn a lot about your game as well as be a great way to pick up some new strategies.

Free online poker

You Can Play Poker for Much Lower Stakes Online; Even for Free

Part and parcel of poker play is the betting aspect. By definition, you can’t gain more experience without playing. However, in a live poker room, the minimum stakes are usually $1/$2 at cash game tables, plus you’ve got to tip the dealers. As you’ve got to play more to keep on improving, the higher the stakes you play at, the more costly the lessons you’ll learn along the way.

One great thing about online poker is the penny stakes. Improving your game doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. You can play hundreds and even thousands of hands and gain valuable poker experience without having to risk too much money; and of course you don’t have to tip any dealers. As a matter of fact, most sites out there also offer free-play versions of their software, so you don’t even have to risk a penny!

This has been a guest post by the folks over at Sky Poker.



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