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3 Ways To Lessen Rake Impact In Poker

The house will always rake a poker game it’s hosting. That’s how they stay in business after all. For you to stay in business s a poker player, however, you need to not only beat your opponents, but also minimize the impact of rake on your overall win rate.

In this article, Tadas Peckaitis gives three top tips that you can utilize to lessen the poker rake’s impact on your bottom line.

Online Poker: What’s Happened Since Black Friday?

There are many lapsed fans of poker out there; people who fell in love with the game in its Golden Era, but haven’t followed the game too closely ever since Black Friday in 2011. This brief recap article explains what’s gone on in the online poker landscape in the United States over the past decade and how the torch has been passed to a new crop of professional players in the live poker realm.