Seasoned tournament poker players know that the best value can be found in soft fields. But how to find these elusive soft fields? Well, frankly, there are a number of factors that act as telltale signs that a particular poker tournament field is more likely to be soft.

Here, we list seven factors you ought to weigh when looking for a soft poker tournament field. Careful evaluation based on these parameters is certainly likely to increase your expected value.

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Consumers of poker media naturally take for granted that interviews with professional players are to be expected. Perhaps, as a dedicated fan of the game, you might one day wish to have the opportunity to conduct an interview with a poker player.

Here, then, is a primer for how to go about getting poker interviews, what you can expect in turn from the interviewees, and some general guidelines for how to prepare for such opportunities.

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Agua Cliente poker chips

Surely everyone out there has heard a legend of a ridiculously juicy game. We made a specific stop along our cross-country poker road trip to the Agua Caliente poker room in search of such a game; one that has been rumored to be extremely lucrative.

We were fortunate enough to not have to be satisfied with the establishment’s typical $1/$2 NLHE far and gain entry to this semi-private PLO/PLO8 game. This is the story of how our session went. It was magical!

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poker outs

In his ongoing series of strategy pieces, George “the Engineer” Epstein gives us a primer on outs and how to calculate them. Doing the math right is a critical skill when playing poker, especially when facing skilled opponents.

It goes without saying that brushing up on your math skills, namely correctly calculating your outs in given poker situations, is sure to help you make the right decisions, whether it’s checking, folding, knowing how much to bet, or if the right move is to call your opponent’s all-in shove.

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table games

When you travel for poker, you’ll inevitably wind up in numerous casinos around the world. That means that you’ll obviously face the temptation of playing house games quite often. Many poker travelers prefer the table games, as they offer players the greatest amount of decision making.

With a true affinity for table games, here’s Will Shillibier’s account of some of his favourite ones to play, namely blackjack, roulette, and three-card poker.

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Felipe Mojave Ramos

There’s a lot more to PokerStars pro Felipe Mojave Ramos than just his on-felt success. In this feature-length interview, Ramos opens up about how he tries to use his platform as a famous poker player to help further the causes he stands for.

Ever grateful for the success that his hard work has brought him, Ramos continues to prove that he’s not just a great ambassador for his home country of Brazil, but also for how to appreciate and make the most of life.

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simultaneous hold'em and omaha

Everyone who has ever played a hand of poker understands the importance of the game having good action. Hold’em games are notorious for trying one’s patience, while even mixed games might be lackluster once in a while. Our solution? Introducing a bevy of Dealer’s Choice games!

In this article, we’ll detail how to play five popular poker variants that home game poker aficionados have been known to enjoy. The common denominator? All of them are guaranteed to drive the action during your next poker session.

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The good folks at Upswing Poker understand what it means to be a professional player. In this strategy article, they list a number of important tips to keep in mind in order to develop the proper mentality needed to be a professional.

With poker getting tougher by the day, there’s no doubt that adhering to these principles is more critical to a poker player’s success than ever before.

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extra life charity poker online

We’re proud to highlight the upcoming efforts of longtime poker writer Lane Anderson, Editor of PokerNews Canada, who has decided to live stream a 24-hour online poker session on Twitch in order to fundraise for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Lane will be joining tens of thousands of similarly-minded altruistic gamers as part of the annual Extra Life charity drive. Be sure to check out his stream, which starts this Saturday night at 8pm Mountain Time, and support the cause.

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