Poker GO Poker Nights

A show about home poker games starring Saturday Night Lie alumnus Chris Parnell. Produced as an original series by PokerGO, and also featuring all-time WSOP bracelet leader Phil Hellmuth in a guest starring role. What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, quite a few things. While there are some redeeming merits to Poker Nights, overall it struggles to hit the high notes, as James Guill writes in this review.

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PokerGO Deep Issues

A total of 16 professional poker players and poker-loving celebrities get treated to great massages by Drea Renee as she interviews them for the PokerGO original series Deep Issues.

There’s plenty to love about this short-form show, from the people chosen to sit in the massage chair to the unique, relaxed atmosphere Renee helps create. Read on for Will Shillibier’s full review.

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PokerGO original programming

Poker fans are lucky to be living in an age where an overwhelming amount of media content is being produced. Chief among that content is the 100+ hours of live streaming from prestigious events that PokerGO subscribers are treated to each calendar year. The Netflix-like network also produces some great original content, as well.

In a brand new miniseries of articles, Cardplayer Lifestyle has published detailed reviews of all the PokerGO original series and gives you the lowdown on what to expect when you tune in to the network during a time when there’s no live stream running. This is the hub page for our miniseries, with links to each review available within.

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Ocean's 11 Casino

Southern California has long been known as a poker hub, but that doesn’t mean the games are limited to the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. A short drive from San Diego, you’ll find Ocean’s 11 Casino, a great place to play poker.

With close to 50 tables, poker is front-and-center at this establishment. Read on for our review, before you head out there to play some poker!

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action selling

Selling action is commonplace in the poker world. Both among professional and recreational players, it’s not unusual to offer backers pieces or your action. When you sell action, you don’t assume as much risk, but still get the experience of playing in big events as well as the chance to score in bigger prize pools.

With that said, there’s a LOT you need to know about selling action, including everything from treating your backers properly to how to deal with tax implications of winning when you’ve got investors. Take a good look at this comprehensive guide about selling action and be sure to follow the guidelines if you ever decide to sell some of your own.

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Jayne Furman

A lifelong love of photography notwithstanding, one of poker’s most prominent photographers, Jayne Furman, only broke into the industry about six years ago. Since that time, Jayne’s pictures and images have delighted poker fans the world over and been burned into our collective memories. As such, we’re very honored to be the first poker media outlet to which she’s granted an interview.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Jayne, her career, and her personal story in the latest installment of our ongoing “Get to Know the Poker Media” interview series.

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