Baard Dahl

In this exclusive interview with Baard Dahl, Head of PokerStars’ Game Integrity Department, we discuss the nature of his team’s investigations against bots and collusion.

Baard also tells us about his professional background, shares his thoughts about the continuous progress in artificial intelligence, and reveals some fascinating insights about how his team works to ensure the security of online poker gameplay.

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This is part two of a two-part conversation with Matt Hunt. Matt is a professional poker player and coach from the UK, currently living in Las Vegas.

As a poker coach, he specializes in MTT math and ICM concepts, short-stacked play, exploration of the No-Limit Hold’em game tree through GTO solver research, and the cognitive role of language in poker decision-making.

Recently Matt has been active on social media discussing his own journey with depression and anxiety, and helping for a community for those also struggling with mental health issues.

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Poker can be an intimidating game for beginners. So much to learn and be aware of at the tables, so many more experienced opponents. But never fear, we’ve got five great tips for you to help you start out on the right foot.

To be sure, you’re not going to master the game in an instant; it takes time, patience, and experience. But our tips will help you get your foot in the door and enjoying poker play on solid ground.

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Home game recaps featuring the “home game poker call of the century” as Maurice and Moe squared off in badeucey; it’s a story you HAVE to hear.

Plus, George Chao of BBO Poker Tables talks about the future of live poker in the U.S., and Ben Ludlow brings the laughs and the heat in this episode’s One Outer as he recaps the 2020 summer of online poker, and what he misses from “real world poker.”

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Norman Chad

Bernard Lee speaks with the longtime beloved World Series of Poker commentator, Norman Chad. The pair discuss the 2020 WSOP Online Summer Series and Norman’s deep run in Event #28, from a hotel room in Stateline, Nevada.

They also discuss Norman’s depression during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he’s been away from his wife for many months and lost his beloved dog Daisy.

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