Las Vegas


The Great American Poker Trip: Las Vegas

Just Hands Poker Podcast co-host Jack Laskey took a road trip across the United States. Along the way, he made it his mission to visit numerous poker rooms. This article is the eighth in a series of 10 articles that compare and contrast how poker is played in land-based rooms in different regions across the country.

The eighth stop on the trip was one of poker’s greatest hubs, Las Vegas Nevada. With so many poker rooms in town, rather than focus on one or two in particular, you’ll get a general review of what sort of poker you can expect to find on the Las Vegas Strip.

Next Year In Vegas. A Poker Writer’s WSOP Confession

It’s perhaps the dream of each and every poker fan out there to make the trip to Las Vegas and be at the WSOP. It practically behooves everyone working in the poker world to have made the pilgrimage to poker’s Mecca in Las Vegas at least once. That’s not always so easy though, even if you’re a poker writer.

Living half a world away but having poker pumping through your veins can create some serious WSOP FOMO. That’s what Bradley Chalupski writes about in this very personal essay.

Low-Stakes Vegas Mixed Games = The Ultimate in Poker Fun

Think back to the most fun you ever had playing poker. Nice, eh?

Well, I recently had an experience that fits that description, playing in $4/$8 Dealer’s Choice mixed games with a group of like-minded poker lovers in the heart of Las Vegas.

I tried to capture the experience in words (and pictures), but to truly understand the joy we had, you have to experience it yourself firsthand. Hopefully, reading this account will encourage you to do just that.

Who Travels to Las Vegas for a Home Poker Game?

I’ve written a ton about my experiences this past summer at the World Series of Poker, and there’s still so much more to tell you all about.

Aside for all the poker I played in casino poker rooms, I also took the time one night to play in a local home game. The experiences were unforgettable and I want to tell you all about them, and why it was worth travelling halfway around the world to play in it.

I think a lot of recreational poker players and home game warriors will identify with what I have to say about the experience.

Daniel Negreanu Goes All-in to Bring NHL Hockey to Las Vegas

As a very vocal member of an investor group looking to bring NHL hockey to Las Vegas, Daniel Negreanu is, yet again, doing something great for the game of poker. With a look towards the future and what we can expect, assuming Negreanu et al.’s bid for Las Vegas-based NHL hockey is successful, we bring you the news and suggest a name for the new franchise that’s quite simply the perfect fit.