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5 Reasons Why It’s Still Worth Visiting Atlantic City to Play Poker

Much ink has been spilled about the ongoing demise of Atlantic City. It’s heyday was long ago, and multiple casinos and poker rooms have been lost to the dustbin of history. With that said, Atlantic City is still a great place to play poker and you can certainly find reasons to pay a visit.

Here, then, are five reasons poker players ought to consider a visit to Atlantic City.

5 Temptations Poker Players Face in Casinos

Land-based casinos offer poker players great places to hone their craft, but at the same time they present numerous temptations that often prove best to avoid. If you’ve ever played poker in a casino you’re aware that there’s plenty stimuli to tempt you and distract you from what you ought to be focused on at the felt.

Here’s a list of five of the greatest temptations and challenges poker players face in casinos.

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