Land-based Casinos


5 Temptations Poker Players Face in Casinos

Land-based casinos offer poker players great places to hone their craft, but at the same time they present numerous temptations that often prove best to avoid. If you’ve ever played poker in a casino you’re aware that there’s plenty stimuli to tempt you and distract you from what you ought to be focused on at the felt.

Here’s a list of five of the greatest temptations and challenges poker players face in casinos.

PokerList: Find a poker game running in Europe anytime, anywhere!

If you find yourself somewhere in Europe, itching to play poker, it can be a daunting task to try and find a local place to play. Enter the PokerList app, which does all the research for you!

Wherever you are in Europe, PokerList will provide you with all the information you need to guide you to the closest poker room so you can jump right into the action. Available in a dozen countries (and counting), you can download the app for free!

Poker Room Review: Ocean’s 11 Casino

Southern California has long been known as a poker hub, but that doesn’t mean the games are limited to the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. A short drive from San Diego, you’ll find Ocean’s 11 Casino, a great place to play poker.

With close to 50 tables, poker is front-and-center at this establishment. Read on for our review, before you head out there to play some poker!

The Great American Poker Trip: Los Angeles

Just Hands Poker Podcast co-host Jack Laskey took a road trip across the United States. Along the way, he made it his mission to visit numerous poker rooms. This article is the tenth in a series that compares and contrasts how poker is played in land-based rooms in different regions across the country.

The tenth (and final) stop on the trip was Los Angeles, California, specifically the Hollywood Park poker room. Plus, Jack adds a full summary of the Great American Poker Trip. Enjoy!