Review: Jonathan Little’s Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Series

Jonathan Little’s Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Vol. 3: The Complete Workout is the last book in his three-part series on mastering tournament poker. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all three books and recommend the series to anyone who is looking to improve their skills in tournament poker.

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker

On Jonathan Little and his three-part series

Jonathan Little is a highly successful tournament poker player who has won over $4 million playing tournament poker over the last few years. In Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Little communicates the thoughts, tactics, strategies and overall mindset that has helped him make these millions of dollars.

The first book in the series focuses on the fundamentals of tournament poker and how to adjust to varying stack sizes (one of the tougher aspects of multi-table tournament poker). The first book moves at a very quick but thorough pace and I picked up a multitude of new ideas and strengthened my understanding of certain elements of tournament poker.

His second book in the series covers a wide range of topics related to mastering tournament poker. The first two sections of the book focus on the different stages of a tournament and how to approach each of them. The rest of the book covers topics such as correct poker etiquette, how to identify tells, the correct physical and mental approach needed to beat poker tournaments and a number of other very useful topics which are rarely discussed in poker books.

Volume 3 isn’t your typical poker book. The book is comprised of 150 hands from three live tournaments in which Little played. The tournaments are the $25,500 World Poker Tour Main Event, a $1,000 WSOP event, and a $2,500 WSOP event. Each hand has a few questions related to it and readers need to use the fundamentals and strategy learned in the first two books to answer questions. The book has been structured like a game where each question has four possible answers with 10 points being rewarded for the best answer, a.k.a., the most optimal play.

I had a lot of fun going through the different hands and I learned a lot from the entire process. The third volume really helped me in understanding the mindset and process of analyzing the limited information available in a given hand.

Going all-in with volume 3

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Vol. 3 is a book that closes off the series very well, but provides little value to the amateur on its own. Without reading through the first two books, 95% of poker players will find themselves lost and will tire quickly as they struggle through the first few hands covered in the book. If you plan to buy this book for yourself or a friend then spend a bit more and buy the entire series.Secrets of Pro Tournament Poker V3

If you enjoy tournament poker and would like to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend that you buy Little’s Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker series. The investment will pay for itself a thousand fold.

If you have also read Little’s books or plan to, please leave us your thoughts in the comments section below. We always love to hear from our readers!

This is a guest post by Justin Butlion, an entrepreneur, poker player and web developer. He blogs at The Great Grind and can be found playing on PokerStars under the nickname hawkeye77787.



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These books will also provide passwords, which enables you to download instructional videos and more from J. Littles homepage.

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