Upswing Poker PLO Lab: A Comprehensive Course Review

By Chad Holloway
December 27, 2017

A while back, I had the opportunity to review Upswing Poker’s Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course, which you can read here. I enjoyed the learning experience so much that when I heard Upswing was eliminating their existing pot-limit Omaha course and launching a new PLO Lab product, I knew I had to try it.

Upswing PLO Lab

Immediately upon the “PLO Lab” launched I decided to spend then ext few weeks plowing my way through it, though I’m not done yet (are you ever really done studying when it comes to poker?). That’s because the course is a membership program that is updated every week with “Play and Explain” videos, every month with new theory modules, and access to a private PLO Facebook group.

As they say at Upswing Poker, “This is an advanced program based on cutting edge PLO theory and strategies derived from solvers and years of hard work away from the table.”

All PLO Lab memberships are automatically recurring (you can cancel any time), which is good considering that the course is constantly updated. This isn’t a “one-and-done” sort of program. On the contrary, it’s more like joining your own Pot Limit Omaha study group that you attend weekly, discussing the latest in game theory, hand reviews, etc.

PRICE UPDATE 2019: Upswing Poker now offers full access to all of the PLO Lab course modules for just $299.

My PLO Lab Journey

I began my journey into studying “the great four-card game” with the eight-hour PLO Bootcamp, which is a mini-course on PLO strategy. This is where you’ll want to begin no matter your skill level. Among the topics of study are Pre-flop Categories, RFI MP, 3Betting IP, and Coldcalling IP. It’s also here that you can download a PLO pre-flop range excel file. This will come in handy in the lessons that succeed it.

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Eight hours may seem like a lot for a “mini-course,” but then again PLO is a complex game. For that reason, I recommend starting out with the PLO Bootcamp, even if you’re an experienced PLO player. That said, given that I have a fair amount of experience playing PLO, I was anxious to explore the rest of the PLO Lab.

Here’s a look at what’s inside the PLO Lab course:

  • PLO Bootcamp
  • Advanced Lab Strategies
  • Live Poker
  • Heads-Up PLO
  • Software & Tools
  • Play & Explains

Upswing PLO Lab

In the Advanced Lab Strategies section, there are a plethora of videos, each with their own modules that dive deeper into specific topics. For instance, one general concept might be “BB vs. BTN Postflop Strategies in Single Raised Pots.”

Within that, you will find an “Introduction” and “General Concepts,” but delving deeper you’ll find videos specific to addressing certain situations such as “QT5 Two Toned – Turn Shifts” and “764 Two Toned – Turn Transitions.”

While this might sound a bit complicated, it’s called “Advanced” Lab Strategies for a reason, as this is the section where you’ll really earn you PhD in PLO.

Upswing PLO Lab

Meanwhile, under “Live Poker” you’ll find such things as the Live PLO Podcast, Live at the Bike Reviews, and Grinding Prague recaps. These, too, are chock full of useful information, but for me it was the sweetener of the course, sort of like “movie day” in high school.

I especially enjoyed the“Play & Explain” videos, where he allows you to sweat the game while watching duels between some of the best players in the world. There are more than a dozen of these videos currently available, with more to come.

This Course Delivers Positive Results

Since deciding to enroll in the PLO Lab, I’ve played twice in the weekly $2-$5 game at my local casino. Not only did I manage to win $1,300 and $1,700, respectively, I did so without having to bury myself with buy-ins. In fact, in one of the sessions I bought in for just my initial $200 and had smooth sailing all the way.

Experiences like those are much different than the usual rollercoaster ride I tend to have while playing Pot Limit Omaha, and I attribute my success squarely to the time I’ve spent studying in the PLO Lab. It really felt like I had taken my game to the next level.

For those looking to not only learn PLO but excel at it, I highly recommend trying out Upswing Poker’s PLO Lab. I look forward to continuing to learn alongside those of you who choose to sign up, especially via the Heads-Up PLO and Software & Tools.



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