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Fully Secure Online Poker – Is It Possible?

Following the excellent feedback we’ve gotten on his first article here on the Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog, A Cyber Security Expert’s Analysis of Online Poker, Eddie Harari was kind enough to contribute this more in-depth piece examining the question of whether or not it’s possible to have a fully secure online poker environment. Mr. Harari has over 25 years of experience in the field and he also plays poker recreationally, both live and online. In addition to an exhaustive review of the prevalent security issues and risk analysis, both on the player and operator sides, he tackles the hot topic of online poker collusion – a MUST-READ!

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A Review of the PokerVIP School Learning Software

There’s a lot of poker training software out there these days, so for a player looking to improve his or her game it’s important to understand what makes each product different and stand out among the competition. This blog post is a review of the PokerVIP School learning software. It’s unique selling point, in my opinion, is that it makes a game out of the learning process, which works well in terms of encouraging you to keep on learning more. Curious what I mean by that? Check out the full software review.