Shannon Mack poker author

Shannon Mack

Born in the Midwest in Bemidji, Minnesota, first city on the Mississippi, in 1978 in the disco era. Shannon has fond memories of playing poker during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays with family as a child in the 80s; everybody was bluffing and nobody was folding!

After getting his degree in Mechanical Design from St. Cloud in 2008, Shannon headed to the Twin Cities where he met his beautiful and amazing wife, Mary.

Inspired by his childhood poker memories, he has been studying poker theory since 2013. As of 2016, he’s started to invest and apply his skills at the felt.

Poker Castle

Poker Castle: A Revolutionary New Method to Study and Coach Poker

By Shannon Mack
July 22, 2018

Until now, all poker study and online has been limited to individual learning. Poker Castle is introducing a brand new group learning platform utilizing online technology to help players improve at poker and enable coaches to train students better.

Shannon Mack had the opportunity to be one of the first to give Poker Castle a try. Check out his review. Spoiler alert: Poker Castle is nothing short revolutionary!