Bruce and Robbie welcome back the very first guests to ever have appeared on the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Jan Fisher and Linda Johnson. Jan and Linda are individuals who have practically been synonymous with the game of poker for decades now. Both of them are founding members of the TDA (Tournament Directors Association) and members of the inaugural class of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, and Linda is also a WPT Honors recipient and member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Much home game poker talk ensues among the fab foursome, which we know you’ll love. Plus, Ben Ludlow ends off the show with another great One Outer.

Time Stamps

00:27 Synopsis
1:04 How Ya Runnin?
1:20 Bruce getting a bit bored, not playing home game poker (even online).But, he HAS been watching lots of great poker action on PokerGO.
5:45 Robbie has cautious optimism that in-person home games might resume soon in Israel. Meanwhile, he’s getting his mixed game and H.O.R.S.E. fix with online poker home games once in a while.
9:05 With more people having extra time on their hands, there’s no better time to study. Red Chip Poker’s CORE offering, at just $5 a week, is a great option. Podcast listeners can sign up and claim one week free!
13:40 Reminder to check out the other shows in the Cardplayer Lifestyle family of podcasts: the Bernard Lee Poker Show and the Rec Poker podcast.
14:48 Poker Notes Live mobile app ad
15:33 Look Who We Found – Welcoming Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher to the show.
16:32 Bruce reminisces about how Linda and Jan played an integral part in his introduction to the game of poker, mixed games in particular, back in Mesquite, NV.
18:24 Jan and Linda were the first guests on the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, and have assisted in getting numerous other guests on the show over the years.
21:40 Linda and Jan play heads-up often to practice against and learn from each other. Linda also plays real money poker on
23:35 Jan and Linda miss their in-person home game, which they’ve been attending as well as hosting for about 8 years.
24:30 Linda and Jan reflect on how strange it is to be living in Las Vegas with the casinos closed, and share what they’ve been doing to keep busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
26:50 Jan and Linda’s recommendations for what live poker ought to look like once it returns. Hand sanitizer is so important. It also might not be appealing to play too shorthanded, but the days of 9- and 10-player games might be over. Poker will likely be the last thing that opens within the casinos once they’re back in business.
29:35 Analyzing the proposed guidelines for reopening the Wynn Poker Room.
31:50 Thoughts on the World Series of Poker being held (Ed. Note: conversation took place just prior to the official postponement of the WSOP until the fall).
35:17 What will poker players’ comfort level be once live poker returns?
37:33 As partners in Card Player Cruises, Linda and Jan share their thoughts on the cruise industry in general and its future in the post COVID-19 era. They’re still hopeful that people will take poker cruises and intend to return to the ships as soon as they begin sailing again.
40:30 Las Vegas locals don’t want to have the casinos open too soon and begin attracting tourists, economic impact notwithstanding.
43:45 Ben Ludlow’s One Outer: Ben talks about his decision to become a professional poker streamer.

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