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Ask the Poker Experts: Am I Being Too Paranoid About Online Poker?

Countless online poker players have questioned whether sites are rigged and wondered about the extent to which it’s possible for malicious software to be used against them at the virtual felt.

Our panel of experts, comprised of Eddie Harari, Michael Josem, Jonathan Little, Avi Rubin, and James ‘Splitsuit’ Sweeney, tackles the issue from multiple angles. Collectively, they give a comprehensive answer that serves to address the concerns of even the most skeptical online poker players.

After a Three-Year Break, Finally Back to Playing Online Poker Again!

After year and years of grinding online poker, Geoff Fisk decided to take a break and step away from the game. His passion rekindled after a three-year hiatus, he’s finally ready to make poker a part of his life again.

Here are Geoff’s reflections on his renewed excitement to start playing online poker once again, how he plans to dip his toes in the water, and how the “new grind” is different from the previous one.

The Dangers of Using a Poker HUD

It’s the rare serious online poker player these days who doesn’t use a poker HUD. With that said, there exist a few dangers of relying on HUDs too heavily.

This post goes into detail about what traps to avoid when using poker HUDs and how to ensure you actively maintain your poker skills and beneficial habits while still taking full advantage of what HUDs have to offer.

7 Things to Know Before Playing at a Crypto Online Poker Room or Casino

Considering dipping your toes in the crypto waters for the first time? Well, online poker rooms and casinos are happy to oblige, accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and even allowing you to play for crypto stakes.

Before you dive in, it’s worth knowing some important facts about cryptocurrency and how online poker rooms and casinos deal with them. As always, caveat emptor.