5 Factors That Make Online Poker Rise In Popularity

By Marcus Harmon
July 18, 2022

Online gambling has risen to popularity faster than anyone anticipated over the past few years. The biggest contributor to this growth has been online casinos. It is no secret that one of the most loved games in online casinos is online poker. It is therefore easy to see how the growth of online gambling is related to the rise of online poker.

Anyone who plays at an online casino probably knows how to play Texas Hold’em and has probably done so at least once before. It is one of the most recommended online games in online casinos. Online poker is so popular that there are of course sites dedicated to online poker exclusively. Here are some of the factors that have contributed to the increased popularity of online poker.

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Changing Perceptions

In the past, people overlooked online poker by considering it just a source of gambling. Gambling would be associated with pure luck and loss of money. Poker was the most criticized game in that regard.

However, times have changed and people are looking at the game with open minds. They are realizing that online poker is not all about luck, losing a lot of money, and hardly winning.

Online poker has proven itself as a game that requires as much skill as luck, if not more. There are plenty of great poker training sites out there, too. You can’t “train” to get lucky. The possibility of using more mathematical probabilities and psychology than depending on luck is exciting. It creates the perfect imbalance in the game, which is experience. You can now say out loud that you are experienced in online poker and that will account for something.

Back when the majority of the people believed it was pure luck, they got blinded by the competition in the game. The way people perceive online poker has shifted positively, allowing more people to get involved. This has helped the game grow massively and rise in popularity.

That said, it’s in your best interests to play poker at the best online poker sites for real money. Not only will you have to access to many poker games, but you’ll also enjoy bonuses, proper software and quick withdrawals.


For any product in any business to do well, it has to be accessible to the relevant market. Online poker is a product in the business of online gambling or gambling as a whole. Technology in this day and age keeps getting better day by day. This has not always been the case, as technology was accessible to a select few back in the day.

As a result, many fields that rely on technology couldn’t grow fast enough, including online poker. Nowadays, smartphones are the most readily available and common pieces of technology around. The same smartphones, alongside an internet connection, are the two minimum requirements you need to get started in online poker.

The availability and accessibility of the internet and gadgets have increased over the years. Government rules have also hindered the accessibility of online poker in the past. Through strict laws on gambling, especially online gambling, most areas would not access online poker.

The laws are better now as online gambling has become a reliable source of income for many people around the world. Additions like apps made it even easier and comfier to access online poker, increasing the number of players.


Affordability can only be a factor in comparison to something else. In this case, gambling at physical casinos. Poker at traditional casinos had minimum requirements that had to be met. First, there is a certain amount that you have to pay to get a poker table or into a poker game.

This amount is higher compared to how much you need at an online poker site. In the other version of poker, the chips are quite expensive, and so is the whole cost of going to a casino. In brick and mortar establishments, the lowest limits you can typically play for are $2/4 limit or $1/2 no limit; and you usually need to bring at least $60-$100 with you to the table. When playing at online poker sites, you don’t need a lot of money to grant you a good time or session. You can sit at a $0.01/$0.02 table and play with as little as $2. Plus there’s no transportation or parking cost!

You can also play at one time and come back later if your finances aren’t as flexible as you want. In physical casinos, you will either end up overspending or cutting your fun short. That is often excluding hotel expenses such as food and drinks that only push the cost up higher.

Online poker sites are available 24 hours a day, all days of the week, and are way cheaper. This has encouraged more people to try out online poker and helped the game become more popular.


Online poker is an alternative to poker found at gaming parlors and casinos. Poker in these places is often played in overcrowded places, where your identity cannot be concealed. In a way, your finances are also on the show because people can judge that by how many chips you have.

All these inconveniences are avoided when you play on an online poker site. The more people came to this realization, the more they switched to online poker. In online poker, nobody knows who you are, because you don’t even have to use your real name. You are allowed to have an in-game username that fellow players see. Lots of people would prefer to play anonymously, so online poker fits the bill perfectly.

The privacy offered by online poker includes that of your finances. Other than you and the site you play in, nobody else will know how much you spend. There is also a sense of security when playing at an online poke site. The sites are secure from hacking, and your winnings are always wired to your account.

General Growth

It is normal for anything to become popular when it grows. This is the case for online poker since the game, which is also an e-sport is online, has a global community.

Tournaments can be arranged for people from different locations, and countries even, to play together. This elevates the potential of online poker, hence attracting more people to the game.

Other than players, investors have also been pivotal in the popularity of online poker. Not just by injecting capital into the industry, but through advertisements. More people are reached and informed about online poker. The game becomes more popular this way.


Online poker has brought a refreshing view on gambling, specifically online gambling. The growth of online poker, its accessibility, affordability, and privacy have boosted how popular it is. People have also changed their perception of online poker, which has helped make it more popular.



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Marcus Harmon is a poker writer and editor of Sunshine Poker Rooms, a poker news and information source. With a decade of experience in the online gaming industry, Marcus has been lucky enough to have met and indeed been beaten by some of the great players. His other passions are soccer and travel.

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