5 Reasons Why High Rollers Should Play at WPT Global

By Ivan Potocki
August 24, 2022

There are plenty of well-heeled poker players. They’ve usually made their money in other fields and enjoy the challenge that playing poker has to offer. Often, they can successfully apply the analytical skills they’ve honed in their professional lives to the poker tables. The money they might win or lose at the felt is relatively immaterial; it’s the thrill of defeating the competition that motivates them to play.

At the end of the day, the non-pro players who populate the high roller scene just possess large bankrolls and enjoy playing the game for high stakes. The question, then, is where can high rollers find good games, especially online? If your main goal is to have fun, it’s hard to achieve that goal when playing on a site where games only form around the “whales” and break up the minute they bust or decide they’ve had enough for the day.

This is where WPT Global enters the picture.

This new poker room has been a very interesting addition to the ecosystem, offering the kind of environment that caters to all types of players – amateurs, professionals, and high rollers alike. In this article, we’ll list five reasons why WPT Global is a great pick for any player who fits in the “high roller” category.

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Action-Packed Tables

What high rollers will probably love most about WPT Global is their action-packed cash game tables. All tables feature mandatory straddles, which means that even the pros have to adjust their play accordingly. They have to be willing to gamble it up a bit.

This feature is likely to put off the nittiest of the nits, which is a good thing for players seeking fun and action. By design, games at WPT Global are such that they attract players who prefer getting into the mix instead of sitting around and waiting for premium holdings.

Higher Stakes Games Run Frequently

WPT Global has very good player traffic, resulting in many games running at any given time of day. While high-stakes games are, of course, not as frequent or as active as the micros — there’s naturally a more limited player pool — there is plenty of higher-stakes action happening 24/7.

If you have a big bankroll and want to find games running, this room will offer just that. True, you won’t find any nosebleed-stakes tables running just yet, but it’s clear WPT Global has plans to introduce these games at some point in the future, so things are likely to only get better.

WPT Global: A Comprehensive Room Review

Many Re-entry Tournaments with Higher Buy-ins

While WPT Global tries to cater to all players with its tournament schedule, there are quite a few regular events featuring higher buy-ins. The recently concluded Summer Festival, for instance, featured loads of tournaments with buy-ins of $220+ and generous guarantees.

For well-heeled players, the best thing about these events is that they allow re-entries, so you can jump straight back in if you bust. Late registration usually lasts for almost three hours, so those with deeper pockets can take full advantage of re-entry opportunities.

Good Amateur-to-Pro Ratio

At the moment, the ratio of pro players to recreational ones on WPT Global is very good. What this means for high rollers is that they won’t typically have to deal with a table full of pros every time they sit down to play. Instead, it will usually be a mix of solid players and other amateurs with big bankrolls.

These games are much more entertaining to play in (and watch from the virtual rail!). There will tend to be more action before the flop, more hands getting to the flop, and bigger pots overall.

Cryptocurrency Deposits Accepted

Transferring large amounts of money to and from your poker account can sometimes not happen as smoothly as an avid poker player would like, as many high rollers will probably know. Fortunately, WPT Global offers cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawal facilities, making the whole process far simpler.

This is especially convenient for those who already have some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in their e-wallets. With WPT Global, you can easily use some of these funds to bankroll your cash game sessions and tournament entries.

There are plenty more reasons why WPT Global is a great platform for serious recreational players with big bankrolls, but these are certainly the top five. There is plenty of action, you won’t have to deal with many nits at the tables, and as time goes by, you can expect more and more high-stakes games to become available. If you don’t yet have an account with them, be sure to sign up using our bonus code CPL.



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