The Inevitable Repercussions of Second-Rate Online Poker Cyber Security

By Eddie Harari
January 08, 2024

In the fast-paced world of online poker, where technology meets entertainment, the significance of robust cyber security measures cannot be overstated. Recently, a series of events unfolded that, for some, became a regrettable “I told you so” moment. This article delves into the repercussions of neglecting cyber security warnings, particularly in the context of online poker on the GGNetwork platform. As we explore the unfolding narrative, it’s crucial to acknowledge that, at the end of the day, players must place their trust in the platform provider, understanding that achieving 100% assurance in the digital realm remains an elusive goal.

Approximately two years ago, my journey into the world of online poker on the GGNetwork platform sparked a series of apprehensions regarding its security protocols. As an avid player and someone deeply entrenched in the realm of cyber security, my initial trust in the platform led me to a comprehensive investigation into the GGNetwork game protocol. After investing roughly 30 hours in meticulous technical analysis, my findings, later validated by cyber security expert Hank Nussbacher, revealed potential vulnerabilities that could compromise player data and the integrity of the games.

The crux of my continued unease one year later stems from the realization that, as a solitary individual, I unearthed these issues within a limited timeframe. It raises the unsettling question: if one person can uncover such vulnerabilities in 30 hours, what more could a focused team of cyber security experts achieve? This concern extends beyond my specific findings, suggesting that individuals with a more concentrated focus could potentially identify additional attack vectors, enabling them to secure unfair winnings through manipulation.

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Lax Cyber Security Means the MoneyTaker69 Incident Was Inevitable

In a recent disconcerting turn of events within the GGNetwork platform, a player identified as “MoneyTaker69” exploited the system through packet manipulation and a reversed client. This player’s actions have brought to light significant vulnerabilities within the platform’s security infrastructure.

By manipulating network packets and effectively reversing the client, “MoneyTaker69” not only breached the integrity of the gaming environment but also raised pertinent questions about the robustness of the GGNetwork platform’s security measures. The incident underscores the critical need for immediate action to address these vulnerabilities and restore confidence in the fairness and security of online gameplay.

In an acknowledgment that has sent ripples through the online poker community, the GGNetwork platform has confirmed the presence of the security breach involving the player “MoneyTaker69.” Interestingly. The acknowledgment provided by GGPoker regarding the incident involving ‘Moneytaker69’ is marred by a concerning issue—it begins with a false statement. GGPoker’s claim that they “recently spotted unusual game patterns and abnormal game client packets” contradicts the actual sequence of events.

The truth is that the platform became aware of the situation only after the poker community, specifically the users on the 2+2 forum, highlighted the irregularities. This misalignment in the acknowledgment raises questions about transparency and communication from online poker platforms, as the initial false statement could impact players’ trust in the platform’s ability to address and report security issues accurately.

The acknowledgment that GGPoker was already aware of the security vulnerabilities related to ‘Moneytaker69’ for an extended period raises a critical question: if the platform had prior knowledge of these issues, why did they allow the situation to persist for several weeks without taking immediate action?

The revelation of this delayed response prompts players to question the platform’s commitment to addressing security concerns promptly. Transparency and accountability are crucial in maintaining players’ trust, and an explanation for the decision to continue operations despite the known vulnerabilities becomes imperative for rebuilding confidence in GGPoker’s dedication to providing a secure and fair online poker experience.

Twin Cyber Security Concerns with the GGNetwork

The security concerns with GGNetwork can indeed be bifurcated into two distinct categories, each highlighting different aspects of the platform’s vulnerabilities. The first category revolves around a critical breach in security, allowing certain individuals to gain unauthorized access and view hand results before any action takes place. This type of intrusion poses a significant threat to the fairness and integrity of the gaming environment.

On the other hand, the second category delves into more indirect advantages that some players may be exploiting. This includes running solvers, utilizing multiple accounts, and employing Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) to gain an edge over opponents. While not necessarily breaching the system in the same direct manner as the first category, these practices still contribute to an uneven playing field, impacting the overall integrity of the platform.

Addressing both categories of security concerns is crucial for GGNetwork to uphold a fair and secure gaming environment. By implementing measures that prevent unauthorized access and cracking down on practices that provide indirect advantages, the platform can work towards fostering a level playing field for all users.

Categorical Solutions to Implement ASAP

Absolutely, in the dynamic landscape of online poker, achieving a 100% fault-proof platform may be an ambitious goal, but vigilant monitoring and proactive data analysis can significantly bolster security measures. Operators like GGNetwork should employ comprehensive data analytics across various facets of player activity. This includes scrutinizing gameplay patterns, detecting anomalies in betting behaviors, and flagging any irregularities in the use of additional tools like solvers, multiple accounts, or HUDs.

By adopting a robust monitoring system, operators can swiftly identify potential security threats or instances of unfair play. This proactive approach not only serves to protect the integrity of the platform but also instills confidence among players that the operator is actively working to maintain a secure and equitable gaming environment. Regularly updating and refining these monitoring systems based on evolving threats and player behaviors is essential to stay ahead of potential security challenges.

The Need for Increased Transparency

The lack of transparency regarding the measures taken at the provider level and the extent of efforts invested in fault detection contributes significantly to the player trust problem. In the aftermath of the latest incident, where players were the ones to reveal the vulnerabilities rather than the platform proactively addressing them, questions naturally arise about the effectiveness of the platform’s security measures.

Players are left in the dark about the intricacies of the security protocols in place and the level of commitment from the provider in detecting and addressing faults. A more transparent approach from online poker platforms, like GGNetwork, in sharing information about their security practices, detection mechanisms, and ongoing efforts to enhance fault detection would go a long way in rebuilding trust. This transparency not only keeps players informed but also demonstrates a commitment to fostering a secure and fair gaming environment.


In conclusion, it is my humble opinion that the GG Network platform exhibits a fundamental deficiency in understanding game security concepts. The recurrence of incidents, coupled with a lack of transparency, raises concerns about the platform’s commitment to addressing and preventing security vulnerabilities. While the majority of players may not delve into these considerations, especially recreational players, the small percentage of professional players may find cause for alarm.

As long as the platform sustains a steady influx of deposits and gameplay from its user base, there seems to be little incentive for substantive changes or improvements in the current state of affairs. The onus lies on the platform to not only rectify immediate security issues but also to instill confidence through transparent communication and robust security measures.



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Eddie Harari
Written By.

Eddie Harari

Eddie Harari has been a cyber security expert and a hacker for over 30 years. He has done private consultant work for a number of governments as well as multinational companies. He has published numerous articles in professional journals and given talks in security conferences around the world. View Eddie’s full credentials on Linkedin.

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