888poker Launches All-New PC Tables

By David Huber
February 20, 2024

888poker PC Tables have just been released, via a sizeable update that marks an eagerly anticipated enhancement to the online poker platform. The new PC Tables features will surely add to the overall player experience of 888poker customers around the world.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at 888poker PC Tables, the new features that players can enjoy, as well as how to make the most of your experience when playing online poker at 888poker.

888poker PC Tables

Elevated Online Poker Experience Begins with Bigger Tables

The digital software offered by the new 888poker PC Tables product makes the size of each table larger than before.

What this means is that players have a slightly larger digital space, which can be an attractive feature for both multi-tablers and players who only play one online poker table at a time.

888poker PC Tables larger tables

The table size is more prominent within each player’s window both when using the 888poker app or desktop version. Player avatars have likewise been adjusted to give competitors a clearer view of all the action.

New Table Environments

There are plenty of new aesthetic environments that can be digitally selected in order to enhance your overall experience on 888poker. Want a cool color scheme that makes your online poker games more appealing? That can now be taken care of through the player menu.

888poker PC Tables New Environments

What’s more, tournament endings such as Mystery Bounty final tables now have their own environment. This gives players a special sense of achievement and also adds to the digital atmosphere of the final table, where lots of money can be won.

888poker Tournament Stats: Accessible Via Live View

888poker’s revamped tournaments stats can now be toggled on and off directly from the online table itself.

In other words, players no longer have to maximize the full lobby page to see particulars such as payouts, placements, and players remaining.

888poker PC Tables Tournament Stats

This feature alone can save quite a few in-tournament clicks and is extremely convenient since there is no longer a need to constantly consult another in-app page to view online event details. For players, who literally click buttons all day long, this is sure to be a welcome improvement.

The “Sneak Peek” feature can be accessed through any tournament table and toggles all the pertinent info for the event you’re currently playing. Total prize pool, average chip stack, blind levels, time remaining until the next blind increase, along with the next scheduled payout, can now be easily accessed from your online poker tournament table.

If you’re seeking information when playing a Mystery Bounty event, you can now click a button within the table view to access the remaining total value of bounties in the tournament.

Player Notes Now Represented by Avatar Color Enclosure

Just like you’d take notes while playing live poker, note taking when playing poker online is a critical element of improving your performance against opponents. This has become simpler and more effective via the 888poker PC Tables update.

All you need to do is double-click within the designated space to bring up your very own, personalized Player Notes options. Color coding of your opponents’ tendencies (that you input) will now be represented via a circle around each player’s avatar.

Thanks to 888poker PC Tables and their sleek graphics, players can now more easily understand the information that is available along with their own customized experience that has been inserted through the Player Notes feature.

888poker’s BLAST Poker Tables Have Also Been Upgraded

The new look for BLAST Poker tables is yet another reason to revisit 888poker and enjoy the enhanced experience.

Cards, player avatars, chips, and bet amounts are all now clearly and crisply displayed, making your jackpot seeking all the more enjoyable.

888poker PC Tables BLAST Poker

As with normal tournaments, BLAST Poker players can access all the relevant info within the table view itself — meaning that there is no longer a need to consult a separate lobby page when playing on a personal computer. You can also quickly check BLAST Poker Leaderboard standings to see how close you are to raking in an extra boost to your poker bankroll.

Pop-Up Menu for Sit Out Options

Players can now click near the bottom left of their table screens to access Sit Out options. These options can be selected to Sit Out at one table only, to Sit Out once the next blind has reached the player, and/or to Sit Out from all tables immediately.

888poker PC Tables Full Ring

This customized experience makes getting in and out of 888poker PC Tables cash games extremely convenient.

Refurbished Graphics for 888poker PKO Tables

888poker’s PKO (Knockout Tournaments) tables have also been improved, with cleaner graphics that offer a more enjoyable experience for all players.

By using the Sneak Peek feature, players who are participating in PKO events can access all the important information without having to go to a separate browser window page.

888poker PC Tables Snap Poker (fast-fold)

Players can also use these new features when playing 888poker’s fast-fold games (Snap Poker).

888poker’s All New Throwables and Emojis

Gone are the days when players were required to use a smartphone app (iOS or Android) platform to fully experience the graphics of an online poker site.

PC users now have access to a complete menu of Throwables that can be digitally tossed at opponents — plus 888poker PC Tables have now added more emojis for players to use in-game.

888poker PC Tables Conclusion

We anticipate that the new 888poker PC Tables will add quite a bit to the overall player experience when competing online from a personal computer.

New environments, player options, graphics, throwables, emojis, and tournament stats are all now at the virtual fingertips of all players who compete at 888poker.



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