Cardplayer Lifestyle Celebrates Eight Years Online

I get pretty emotional when the anniversary of this poker blog’s founding comes around each year. This time, it really poured forth in what I had to say as I open up with a lot of personal stuff.

What you’ll read about in this post is me being thankful for the incredible experiences that year #8 of Cardplayer Lifestyle has given me. It’s just a special opportunity to express my gratitude, and for that I am thankful.

Cardplayer Lifestyle Celebrates Seven Years Online

On the seventh anniversary of this poker blog’s founding, we take the time to thank our longtime fans and express our gratitude for the opportunities we’ve finally gotten to experience after years of hard work. It’s an honor to continue being a contributing part of the poker community. We also announce a special $100 giveaway, exclusive to newsletter subscribers – always happy to give thanks to our loyal supporters!

Cardplayer Lifestyle Celebrates Five Years Online

With a nod to our humble beginnings and an eye on a great future, we take a minute to pause and reflect on five great years online as one of the industry’s leading poker blogs. Whether you’re a longtime fan of ours or if this is your first visit, we hope you enjoy reading a bit about our poker blog and stick with us as we try to keep on climbing up the poker industry ladder of success.

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