Poker Software Review: Flop Falcon

By Ivan Potocki
May 07, 2017

Flop play is easily one of the most important aspects of No Limit Texas Hold’em. This is where you’ll make most of your decisions for future streets, and it is on the flop that you usually decide whether or not your hand is worth continuing with, and – if so – how you plan your next moves.

For that reason, those more mathematically inclined among us have come up with many tools that can assist with analysis of different flop textures and how they match up with different starting hand ranges. Flop Falcon is the latest such a tool, developed by Doug Hull of Red Chip Poker. If you’re always trying to learn new poker tips and strategies and feel ready to really take your game analysis to the next level, Flop Falcon might be just the tool for you. Before you decide whether or not to take our recommendation, however, it’s important that you understand what you’d be getting into by trying out Flop Falcon.

Flop Falcon Basics

Once you download and install the software, you’ll be welcomed by the fairly simple-looking user interface. Make no mistake, however: the Flop Falcon software is anything but simple, as it is loaded with analysis options. That said, you might not realize this upon first encountering the user interface. The software runs on Java, which makes it a bit slower, but it doesn’t influence the usability once you get used to the dynamics.

Flop Falcon features two main boxes. The one on the left is where you input your hand range, and the one on the right is where you input your opponent’s perceived range.

Flop Falcon

On the sides of the main boxes, you can pick “hits”. These are the situations when you’ll want to continue with your particular range, and when you expect your opponent to continue on the flop. Flop Falcon gives you plenty of options here, as you can really test different options, which is the main point of this software.

Once you are done nailing down your optimal range and your opponent’s likely range, you can start the analysis by clicking “1,000 more flops” (marked by a red square). All calculations are done in chunks of 1,000 flops; for the most accurate results, I recommend that you do at least a few thousand. If you want to see how these ranges compare on particular types of boards, you can select one of predetermined options, or you can even create custom flops for some very specific data number crunching (marked in green).

Flop Falcon

What Can Flop Falcon Help You With?

In Texas Hold’em, you’re often put in the same spots time after time, as you usually play a certain range of hands. With Flop Falcon, you can simulate these familiar situations and see how you’re likely to be standing against your opponents on various boards. The numbers displayed in the bottom left section will let you know your equity in different situations (when only you hit, when you both hit, etc.)

Flop Falcon

Using this knowledge, you can remove a lot of guesswork from your play. Of course, it goes without saying that this software will not actually do the work for you. Flop Falcon is a learning tool, and it will only be as good as the aptitude with which you utilize its potential. The more time you spend analyzing different board textures and hand ranges, the better your game will become.

To be completely truthful – after all, it happened to me, too – you might at first feel that Flop Falcon is a bit confusing to use when you first start playing around with it. Don’t let that discourage you!

The fact is that after you’ve worked with Flop Falcon for a little while, you’ll get the hang of things and it will be much easier to set up different flop situations that you will want to look into and analyze.

Who Is Flop Falcon For?

Flop Falcon is unquestionably a great No Limit Hold’em analysis tool. With that said, I would definitely NOT recommend it to beginners who are unfamiliar with the mathematical aspects of Hold’em. Plainly put, unless you are already very familiar with concepts of equity, implied odds, and have a really good understanding of poker math, this software won’t do much for you. The reason is quite simply because if you fall into that category of poker player, you’ll probably end up just toying around with it and ending up with a bunch of numbers you don’t really understand.

This is a fantastic product for intermediate-level and advanced poker players who are really looking to boost their game. If that accurately describes you, you can rest assured that Flop Falcon will be a valuable addition to your software library. Indeed, you’ll need to be willing to invest the time and effort to make the most out of the tool, but if you are, then Flop Falcon will provide you with some great learning opportunities.



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