App Review: Probable Poker

By James Guill
June 15, 2016

For many years, online poker players have had a distinct advantage over live poker players as they have been able to use a variety of software programs to help them gather information about players, thus helping them improve their game.

Probable Poker app

PokerStars has recently led the charge in trying to ban the majority of third-party programs in an attempt to level the playing field. There is a time in the future where many of the HUDs and other poker assist programs will become obsolete.

However, there is a new program on the market that can still help give you an advantage at the tables while still meeting PokerStars and other online poker rooms’ strict guidelines against third party applications. This program is Probable Poker.

What is the Probable Poker App?

Probable Poker is what we like to call an odds calculator with a twist. Your hole cards and community cards are entered and you are given the statistical probability that you will win the hand. Experienced players know that correctly keeping track of odds will help you make better decisions on each street and help you to improve your bottom line.

We see that look you’re giving us. You’re thinking, “What’s the big deal?” How is this different from the 4,863 other odds calculators that already exist in the poker world. The difference is that Probable Poker will actually track your hand and your board automatically with minimal user interaction.

How is this possible? Probable Poker uses image recognition software to identify your hole cards and the board cards to give you your odds. This program isn’t something that is customized for PokerStars or other poker rooms, but rather one that will work for the majority of online poker sites.

Furthermore, since this program is merely providing a simple statistical calculation and not tracking data, it will not fall in violation of PokerStars’ policies for third-party software.

Track the Odds Like a Math Genius

The reality is that the majority of us suck at math and cannot calculate hand odds on the fly. That’s the reason why many of us need a poker odds calculator for tricky spots. The problem is that we have to enter in all the information quickly, which isn’t ideal for online poker. Moreover, if you are playing multiple tables, it’s a useless endeavor.

Probable Poker is like playing poker with a math genius. You instantly know the odds in every hand without having to think. The program brings up the information automatically, so you can focus on making the best decisions possible.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about PokerStars or another online poker room trying to block your ability to use the application. Odds calculators are classified as basic tools and Probable Poker merely automates the process to give you the information more quickly. You will still have to make the same decisions and are subject to the same variance as everyone else.

Improve Your Odds for the Cost of a Pizza

If you are ready to play poker with a math genius, try Probable Poker. The company is presently offering two levels of licensing for the app, both fantastic values.

The first is a year-long license for €10. Try it out for a year to see just how much better you play poker when you know the odds each hand. Of course, if you are already seeing the huge potential of this program, you can take the plunge and pay €25 for a lifetime license to use the program.

Regardless of which license you purchase, it is a small price to pay for a tool that can help you improve your game and is immune to “third-party app restrictions.”

To learn more about Probable Poker, check out their website, visit their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.



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