Victor Luebker Chooses to Live the Cardplayer Lifestyle

By Victor Luebker
January 28, 2012

Welcome to the opening poker blog post from a regular guy playing poker at WPT, WSOP, and HPT (Heartland Poker Tour) events around the country. My blog posts will be about players like us – not high profile pros telling stories about private jets. First, a little more about myself and what my blog posts will be about… I jokingly refer to myself as the greatest player in the world that no one knows about.

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I’m Victor Luebker and I decided to take 2012 and live my dream of playing professional poker on tour. As I travel around over the next year making stops at all the major tour events I’m going to share my successes and failures with Cardplayer Lifestyle readers, as well as what it’s really like to travel and play poker on the top three tours in the country. We all have read about people who have cashed big and now are bankrolled and staked in the game. However, retail poker is still about the 95% of us that are recreational players and guys and gals just starting out or playing one event a year in your local area. I’m going to give you the ups and downs of the game behind the scenes and open you up to the real world of tournament poker.

Here is what to expect from my poker blog posts. First, no bad beat stories or long-winded tales of hands that played out at the table. I may share a final hand story from all final tables I (hopefully) make but that’s it. This is about the lifestyle of poker; the cardplayer lifestyle! That said, I’ll be discussing the travel, the locations, the meals, and rooms – all the things that lead up to and are part of being on tour. I’ll share reviews of poker rooms and casinos as well as the best and worst places to shop, eat, sleep, and how I’m treated on tour by staff at the locations we play. It’s easy to have your ass kissed as a major poker celebrity when you show up, but what about us? You’ll find out firsthand!

I’ll talk about the people I meet and share posts about behind-the-scenes conversations with the pros and also all the “off-felt” things I do while on tour, so you’ll know firsthand what it’s REALLY like to tour as a poker pro. Stay tuned and have fun! Until next time, play hard or go home!




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LOL Victor, you crack me up.

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