Table Talk: Home Game Poker Traditions

By George Chao
June 10, 2020

In our last column we talked about 3 different kinds of home game poker chips. In this article I want to talk a little bit about what are your traditions for your home games.

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Every home game has a different tradition. You walk in, and there’s different ways that groups of friends make each other comfortable and have a great time. I remember when I first started playing Texas Holdem back in college a long time ago. I was in a fraternity. We were knuckleheads, and we would get pizza or some sort of food real quick. The most important thing is that we had to make sure that we were well stocked with alcohol (like I said we were knuckleheads). So there was a lot of action in the game. Real loose. A lot of hero calls. That sort of game. But as you mature, your taste and how you go about hopefully matures as well.

Nowadays there’s a game in Silicon Valley in the Bay Area that I drop by every once in a while. Still good friends. Real smart people. But, rather than pizza, what they do is make sure they cater real nice Indian food, usually. We have a nice selection of alcohol if you want to enjoy and indulge. For that game, though, you might not want to be drunk. You probably want to have all your faculties because there are some really good players there. So you need to be on your toes. So that’s kind of a tradition for that game.

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Last year I was in Las Vegas at the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions, and I ran into this very interesting gentleman. We started talking about his home poker game. The gentleman lives in New Jersey, and they kind of have a tradition going. When they’re going to have a home game he prepares the day before. He starts smoking this really nice meat, and they’ll have a full blown barbecue in the afternoon before when all his friends come over. The game usually coincides with a UFC fight, or a boxing event, or some sort of sporting event. You know they’re enjoying this great barbecue. They’re drinking. They’re watching the fights. As it starts going into the later evening, they start playing cards. They’ll be drinking and having fun in each other’s company well into the wee hours. That’s their tradition.


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To me, it’s fascinating how every home game has a different tradition and how friends and family interact to have the best time. So my question to you is what is your home game tradition and why? You can email me direct at [email protected]. And if you guys are looking for a premium show-stopping custom poker table for your home game to bring your family and friends closer together to have a great time, just visit I wish you guys have amazing home games and lots of fun.



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