Table Talk: 3 Different Types of Home Game Poker Tables

By George Chao
April 16, 2020

In this article, we’re going to talk about the different types of poker tables for home games. Having put tens of thousands of poker tables in home games across the world, we see that there’s three distinct categories for home game poker tables.

Folding Leg Poker Tables

Maybe you’re just starting your game and you’re growing your home game. Home game hosts generally start with a more versatile poker table. Generally, with a folding leg. The beauty of folding leg portable poker tables is that you can stash them away in a garage or a separate bedroom. And when you’re going to throw the game you pull it out, you put some chairs around it, you fold the legs, and instantly you have a great poker table for your game.

folding leg poker table

Portable Perfection – Spacious 10 Player + Dealer Table with Height-Adjustable Folding Legs

Permanent Premium Poker Tables

As hosts graduate from the folding leg poker table, they generally then will start looking for a permanent fixture premium poker table. Generally, something that has nice wood pedestal legs. Then at this permanent premium level you can start getting into customizations, which gets really cool. You can specify things like the different materials for your armrests. You can talk about graphics on your layout. You can even start powering up your table with USB chargers, with LED lights, or cool things like auto shufflers. It gets really tricky and really fun.

BBO Poker Tables Elite Alpha

Fully Decked Elite Alpha With In-table Technology – LEDs + AutoShuffler + USB chargers And A Full-Custom Playing Surface

However, the downside of having the permanent premium poker table is that it does require a permanent space; So, you’re going to have to clear out either a game room for a poker room, or basement or something because you’re going to be proud, and you want to show your table off. So that’s certainly a consideration for a premium high-end permanent poker table.

Hybrid Poker Tables

In recent years, a third category has emerged, which sort of blends the best of both worlds; It’s a dining poker table, and what I mean by dining poker table is that it is the same as a premium permanent poker table, but it comes with a matching dining top that goes over the poker table. And with that dining top on, it’s completely incognito. It looks like a dining table, so then you can situate it in a dining room. Maybe even a family room. Something like that so you don’t have to dedicate a dedicated space for your poker table, which works great. You just take the top off and play, and when you’re done you put the dining top back on and you go about your business. Of course, there are also smaller models of poker tables that don’t take up as much space to begin with, as well.

BBO Poker Tables Nighthawk

Perfect For Smaller Spaces – 8 Handed Round Table with a Built-In Chip Tray And A Fully Custom Playing Surface

So, generally, there you have it. That’s the three different categories of poker tables that we generally see for home game posts. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the types of poker tables for home games. And if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me directly at [email protected], or you can always reach out to us on Facebook.

Finally, remember, the next time that you’re looking for a brand new poker table to visit BBO Poker Tables. So until next time, this is George from BBO. I’d love to get your feedback and comments.



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George Chao

George founded BBO Poker Tables in 2006. His company designs and manufactures premium poker tables distributed through a 100% privately established dealer network and e-commerce presence. BBO Poker Tables is the leading consumer brand of high-end poker and dining game tables in the US. In 2012, BBO Poker Tables opened up international distribution to Canada, […]


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