5 Reasons to Play Poker On Christmas

By Grzegorz Bochniak
December 21, 2018

The period of time around Christmas is a unique one as far as poker is concerned. While some players “run away” from the tables to spend more time with their family, others prefer to use their spare time for entertainment, like playing poker. If the title of this article got you wondering whether it’s worth sacrificing at least a little time for poker during the holidays, here are the five most important reasons we could think of.


1. Christmas is party time in many countries

In dozens of countries Christmas is celebrated in a traditional, family-like, serious way. However, if you’re not so religiously observant a trip to casino during the holidays to play live poker is a pretty enticing proposition. If you live in a country whose demographic isn’t so Christian-dominant, the end of the year period is still often market by a holiday-like atmosphere. Therefore, a lot of players willing to gamble are going to appear at the tables. It is a good occasion to grind a bit and try to score a nice payday, but there’s also the extra added holiday joy factor of the Christmas atmosphere in the poker room, which of course appeals to both professional and recreational players.

2. You can set up a home game

If heading out to a casino isn’t possible or is just rather something you’d like to avoid, you can always set up a home game with friends and/or family. For some, it’s tradition, and for others it might be a great opportunity to start up a new tradition. Fun family/friendly home games lend themselves to introducing some new variants that guarantee a lot of action into the typical No-limit Texas Hold’em proceedings. Often, when prevents home games from getting together is the fact that people are busy with filled schedules to adhere to. During Christmastime most people are on break from work so it’s an excellent occasion to gather everyone together around the felt for some good old fashioned card playing.

3. More weaker players at the poker tables

Experienced online poker players know that Christmas if one of — if not THE — most profitable times of the year! During this time, win rates of professional poker players skyrocket thanks to the drastically increased amount of weaker players at the tables. Many recreational players are feeling the holiday spirit, in the mood to do a little gambling, and have more money to spend on poker after they have received their end-of-year bonuses. As such, Christmas can be a good time for you to cash in.

4. Less competition

Regular poker players approach the Christmas holiday break very differently than do recreational players. Some of them eagerly anticipate these days all year long as they’ll usually end up earning just as much in a few days as much as they make in a month. On the other side of the spectrum, there are others who simply cannot imagine playing poker during this family time, and prefer to just rest after the year-long grind. On average there are far fewer professional players at the tables at this time of year, both live and online! The action is particularly crazy as New Year’s Eve approaches, as many online regs go partying, having already completed their monthly or yearly bonus requirements.

5. Attractive bonuses and prize pools

There is probably a no better time for poker rooms to offer attractive bonuses and tournaments with huge prize pools than the Christmas time. Every year, the largest poker rooms invite players to play with various promotions and casino offers, such as deposit bonuses, special extra rakeback offers, lotteries, new big guaranteed tournaments, and much more. This means more money up for grabs for everyone to take a crack at.

As you can see, Christmas is an amazing time for both online and live poker players. Experiences at the physical and virtual felt rise to a completely new level thanks to the holiday atmosphere, attractive bonuses, and — on average — more profitable games. If you are passionate about poker, you should seriously weigh the idea of devoting some time to the game.

Whatever your decision, we wish you a Merry Christmas!



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Grzegorz Bochniak poker author
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Grzegorz Bochniak

Grzegorz Bochniak is a passionate poker player from Kraków, Poland. He first got into the game in 2011 and absolutely fell in love with it. In particular, both the mathematical and psychological aspects of it were interesting for him. Aside from poker, Grzegorz’s interests include sports, psychology, and travelling. After completing his B.S. degree in […]


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