2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Poker Players

By Robbie Strazynski
November 22, 2023

‘Tis the season once more, and there’s a palpable shift in the atmosphere as the holidays draw near. Smiles seem a bit more frequent, and gestures of kindness abound. It’s a time brimming with joy, where the spirit of spreading holiday cheer is alive and thriving.

For the eighth year running, Cardplayer Lifestyle takes immense pride in continuing this tradition by presenting our Holiday Gift Guide for Poker Players to you, our cherished readers. Gratitude fills our hearts as we reflect on another year of success, both personally and professionally.

Our aim has always been to curate a diverse selection of poker-themed products, services, and items, and this year is no exception. Within the guide below, you’ll discover an array of innovative new gift suggestions alongside perennial favorites.

Whether seeking the ideal gift for your poker enthusiast partner or treating yourself to something special, we encourage you to seize the opportunity!

May this year’s guide, and the 2023 holiday season on the whole, bring you joy and inspiration!

Holiday Gift Guide 2023



DEVIATE, by Red Chip Poker is the perfect course for intermediate-advanced players looking to optimize their winrate.

Red Chip Poker Deviate

As players and training sites continue to delve further into GTO, the highest earners are those implementing exploitative strategies that take advantage of their player pool and individual opponents.

This 26-video course discusses player tendencies and how you can deviate profitably from GTO play to capitalize on opponents’ deviations.

And for additional context, the course comes with a 6-video BONUS on topics like player profiling and line comparisons!

Learn more about DEVIATE and enroll today, exclusively at Red Chip Poker.

(PRO Members on RCP get this entire course included in their $50/mo membership)


If you want to start taking your game seriously this holiday season, you’ll find everything you need at Run It Once Training. Since its founded in 2012, Run It Once has always been the place for dedicated poker players to advance to the next level and stay ahead of their opponents.

Run It Once holiday gift guide

You’ll learn from the highest tier coaches like 2022 WSOP Main Event Champion Espen Jorstad, Kevin Rabichow, and site founder Phil Galfond. You’ll also benefit from a community of students that have the highest aspirations in poker and are often professional players themselves.

Members of Run It Once Training Plans get access to an expansive library of over 8,000 training videos, with two brand new videos every single day. No matter which form of poker you play or which area of your game you need to work on, Run It Once has you covered.

Just starting out in poker or want to transition to a new game format? You’ll find Run It Once Courses specifically designed for new players like you. The courses follow a carefully crafted learning journey until you have the proper foundation you need to expand your game to the highest levels.

Here’s a free sample video from one of Run It Once’s most successful courses: PADS on PADS.

If you need help planning the perfect poker gift for your loved ones, reach out to Run It Once Support and they’ll assist you every step of the way.


This holiday season, surprise the poker enthusiast in your life with a gift they’ll surely be excited to receive – the much-anticipated A-Game Poker book by Elliot Roe, a renowned Mindset & Performance Coach who works with the game’s best players. His clients have earned over $200,000,000 and claimed every major poker title.

Scheduled for release next month, A-Game Poker is a journey into the mindset and approach that underpin success at the poker table.

A-Game Poker book

In A-Game Poker, Roe distills a decade’s experience into an accessible and engaging format, making it a must-read for anyone serious about elevating their poker game.

Whether your loved one (or yourself) is a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, they will find actionable wisdom on every page. Roe tackles managing tilt, dealing with downswings, and creating peak performance habits – topics crucial for long-term success.

A-Game Poker offers a roadmap to elite performance and includes stories from many of the game’s best. Top players like Phil Galfond, Fedor Holz, and Jason Koon share how they use the concepts in the book to elevate their game.

Be among the first to get a copy of this groundbreaking book by visiting the A-Game Poker website to join the early notification list. This holiday season, give the gift of mastery, mental resilience, and the joy of poker played at its highest level.


D&B Poker is the leading poker book, ebook, and audiobook publisher in the world. With over 40 poker books in print, many others in production and 20 audiobooks, D&B is where poker players go when they want the highest quality content, written by the most respected authors in the poker world.

D&B Poker

Bestsellers include:

Modern Poker Theory – acclaimed by many as the best poker book ever written, Modern Poker Theory, has made an impact that few poker books ever have. this truly remarkable book is the ultimate guide to no-limit hold’em poker based on GTO principles.

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: The Essential Guide – a landmark in poker publishing and undoubtedly THE definitive guide to tournament poker.

The 100 Biggest Mistakes that Poker Players Make – written by highly experienced professional player and leading poker coach, Alexander “Assassinato” Fitzgerald.

Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em – Jonathan Little constructs a basic strategy to crush small stakes games and also identifies the adjustments that need to be made when facing more competent opposition.

Mastering Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha – a thoroughly comprehensive guide that will give you all the tools you need to gain a huge edge at lower stakes play.

Jonathan Little’s Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games – a must-have book if you have ambitions to move up the stakes.

The Final Table – when you’ve reached the business end of the tournament and you’re gunning for glory this is the book you need.

D&B books can be purchased through all retailers. Their books, ebooks, videos and audiobooks can be purchased directly from their website: D&B Poker.


The Hall of Fame Poker Room at Horseshoe Las Vegas, home of the World Series of Poker, features 18 tables and offers many exciting varieties of live poker suited for the recreational poker player or the seasoned veteran.

You are sure to find your favorite with games ranging from $1-$3 to $3-$5 No-Limit Hold’em, $4/$8 Limit Hold’em featuring half blinds as well as Bomb pots on Sundays and Big O Wednesdays.

Hall of Fame Poker Room

Players earn $1 per hour and 17 tier credits for $1/$3 No-Limit Hold’em, or double that at $2 per hour and 34 tier credits for any game $2/$3 No-Limit Hold’em and above.

Hall of Fame Poker Room Bally's Las Vegas

Test your luck with six exciting tournament times daily with $6,000 guaranteed daily.

Call 702-976-4403 and get your name on the Hall of Fame Poker Room waiting list this holiday season.


The Advanced Poker Workbook (released in 2023) is the latest creation of prolific strategist: James “SplitSuit” Sweeney. This workbook builds upon previous offerings, including The Poker Math & Preflop Workbook and The Postflop Workbook, to bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced strategy.

Study concepts that matter the most like pot geometry, EV, per-street analysis, and auto-profit. Plus go through complete hands, from preflop to the river, to prove your knowledge of both technical and strategic principles.

Advanced Poker Workbook

The Advanced Poker Workbook aims to lay out your study for you, so you stop wasting time wondering “what should I study next?” You’ll be walked through GTO vs exploitative exercises, deepen your knowledge of key math, and develop the ability to spot +EV bluffs more clearly.

Plus, the workbook includes a complete answer key AND a video course showing you how to do every single section.

Buy your copy of The Advanced Poker Workbook today and complete it in around a month doing just 5 pages/day. Practice the skills you’ve already learned, with tools like Flopzilla Pro and GTO+, so you can more easily apply them at the tables.

(If you prefer paperback, you can also grab The Advanced Poker Workbook on Amazon.)


The Shuffle Tech MDS-6 is perfect for this upcoming Holiday Season. As you gather with friends and family to spend time together and play games, this makes a perfect addition to your game night.

Shuffle Tech MDS-6

Quickly and effortlessly shuffle up to 6 full decks of playing cards with the Shuffle Tech MDS-6 card shuffler. Whether you play canasta, blackjack, hand and foot, or any other game requiring multiple decks, this shuffler will slash the time it takes for you to hand shuffle. This is a must have for all of your multi deck card games

The MDS-6 runs both on direct power or battery operated (4 x D-sized). Plus, as with all Shuffle Tech products, you also get a 1-year warranty!

We ship worldwide! For more information, visit


Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the poker aficionado in your circle? Look no further than a personalized BBO poker table. BBO stands at the forefront of customized poker tables, guaranteed to spark envy among your gaming pals!

Craft your ultimate gaming haven by selecting from an extensive array of armrest materials, tailor-made layouts, and accessories. Every table is meticulously constructed in Las Vegas, ensuring top-notch quality. BBO stands out as the sole poker table company offering free shipping and a lifetime guarantee, with a rich history of crafting memorable poker evenings spanning over 15 years.

BBO Poker Tables Elite Alpha

Your BBO poker table will boast exclusive materials and can be personalized with unique layouts, including state-of-the-art built-in USB chargers. Renowned as the go-to supplier for prominent poker names and marquee events like the World Poker Tour, BBO has earned its stripes.

Act fast! They’re currently running limited-time holiday specials. Visit to design a dream table for that special poker enthusiast in your life—or perhaps, for yourself!


Need the perfect holiday gift for your favorite poker fan? Then look no further than a PokerGO subscription!

PokerGO is basically the Netflix of poker, with the widest range of poker content in the world. Cash games, tournaments, and documentaries are all available to watch on-demand on PokerGO and include the most iconic poker programming, like the World Series of Poker, High Stakes Poker, and PokerGO’s newest show, No Gamble, No Future.

PokerGO offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans. The best deal is an annual subscription. At a regular price of $99.99, a PokerGO annual subscription breaks down to less than $9 per month — less than the price of two grande peppermint mochas for all you Starbucks lovers out there. But, for a limited time, Cardplayer Lifestyle readers can get an even better deal.

Purchase a new PokerGO annual subscription using the promo code CPLHOLIDAY2023 at checkout to save $20 off the regular annual price. That will give you the gift of unlimited PokerGO access for $79.99 for the year, which comes out to less than $7 per month. If you already have a monthly or quarterly PokerGO subscription, you can use the CPLHOLIDAY2023 discount code to upgrade to an annual plan for some cost-saving.

The best holiday gift for a poker player or fan is a PokerGO subscription. Head to to purchase one today.


The key to mastering any skill is consistent improvement.

The fastest way to improve your poker game is to get INSTANT FEEDBACK from world-class poker pros on a regular basis.

That’s why, this holiday season, you should consider giving yourself or a loved one the gift of a FULL YEAR of instant feedback from world-class poker pros!

Pokercoaching Membership

For a limited time, you can get 50% off an Annual PokerCoaching Standard Membership!

If you or a loved one loves poker and wants to play at a higher level, this is the perfect gift. While this gift gives you access to PokerCoaching for an entire year, the improved skills that result from using it can pay dividends for many years to come.

Visit to take advantage of this special holiday offer.


As the preferred playing cards of the World Poker Tour, Faded Spade has fast become the most popular playing card brand for poker players across the globe.

Poker players in many countries and continents have switched to Faded Spade playing cards for their poker home games. The cards are known for their modern face card designs and high quality 100% plastic that has an intentional balance of strength and flexibility.

Faded Spade Playing Cards

You might have also played with Faded Spade cards at your local poker room! The best poker players and highest stakes poker games in the world choose Faded Spade cards. So can you this holiday season, by using the promo code CPL for 10% off at


For a birdwatcher, a life list is a list of all the birds that you have seen in your lifetime. Each time you see a new bird, you write it down, or alternatively, check it off a list that has been pre-populated. The Poker Player’s Life List follows the same idea. Each of the poker rooms in the United States that feature six or more tables and are open as of June 2023 are listed on the pages that follow. As you visit each room, you can check it off your life list!

Poker Life List

The book includes two columns, labeled T for Tournament and C for Cash, so you can keep separate track of your Tournament and Cash play. You can also record the Date of your visit and Rate your experience relative to other poker rooms you have enjoyed. Jot any thoughts you want to remember about a particular casino in the Notes section in the back. Then check the diamond in the last column to remind yourself to look for them later.

Finally, every poker player has a bucket list. There’s a world of poker out there just waiting to be explored! Be sure to check out the Poker Player’s Bucket List of potential experiences at the back of the book, which is a great holiday gift for your fellow poker lover.

Wishing all of our readers here at Cardplayer Lifestyle a happy holiday season!



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