Tana Karn: We’re Keeping The Lights On for the Poker Media Corps

RunGoodGear President Tana Karn discusses KeepTheLightsOn Initiative that is designed to help the Freelance Poker Media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the 15-minute video interview to learn all about the initiative, the partnership between RunGood Gear, Global Poker, and PokerGO, and how the fundraising will benefit those currently out of work in the poker media corps.

Behind the Scenes of The Big Blind: PokerGO’s New Trivia Show

PokerGO’s new game show The Big Blind has debuted to much fanfare within the poker community. Fans and enthusiasts get to test their wits in the poker-themed trivia show alongside some of the game’s most notable names and personalities.

We caught up with the PokerGO team to learn more about how the show gets produced and hope you enjoy this exclusive look behind the scenes at how The Big Blind came together.

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