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Interview with Michelle Nastasis, Poker’s First Known Transgender Professional Poker Player

One of the greatest things about the game of poker is its potential for inclusivity. So long as you’re of legal age and have a buy-in handy, you can have a seat at the felt. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), all you’ve got to do if you want to play poker is show up.

One person who has been showing up at the poker tables for over three decades is Michelle Nastasis. Already a serious recreational player for over 20 years, Michelle made the decision to turn pro just over nine years ago. What undoubtedly makes Michelle unique is that she’s the first known transgender professional poker player. In this interview, Michelle shares her story.

18 Poker People to Whom I Owe Tremendous Gratitude in 2018

An attitude of gratitude will take you far in life and enhance your every experience. There’s a group of 18 very special people in poker who have impacted my 2018 in exceptional ways, and for that I am supremely grateful.

This blog post is my way of expressing my thanks towards them, and for the good they’ve brought to this poker site and into my life in general this year.

Family First: Bernard Lee Marks 8th Annual Holiday Charity Drive

Some holiday traditions are truly beautiful, none more so than glorious customs of giving. For the eight straight year, Bernard Lee and his children have put together and distributed personalized gift packages to families in their local area of Boston affected by homelessness.

Reading about the efforts of this great poker player and generous-spirited human being will warm your hearts, and perhaps inspire you to spread some holiday cheer of your own to those less fortunate.

5 Reasons to Invite Women to Your Next Home Poker Game

Home games are the epitome of grassroots love for the game. Good times, a fun environment, and right in your own backyard (or living room, basement, etc.) What better venue than a home poker game to invite women to in order to try and bring more ladies to the game?

There are plenty of great reasons to invite women to your next home poker game. Here’s a list of the top five we came up with.