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Interview with Eugene Katchalov

There’s a lot more to Eugene Katchalov than just being a sponsored PokerStars PRO team member. Beyond his tremendous success at the poker tables, he’s also worked hard to achieve a balanced life away from the tables. From his recent engagement to his business interests and investments, Katchalov is certainly one of the more unique poker pros out there. We caught up with him for an interview, which we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading.

A Closer Look at WSOP Champion Jamie Gold’s Charity Poker Work

2006 WSOP Main Event Champion Jamie Gold was kind enough to speak with us about his involvement with charity poker work. The self-titled “poker philanthropist” dedicates much effort and energy to using the power of poker to raise money for charity, and that’s incredibly commendable. Here, then, is a closer look at the work that Jamie does to help harness poker’s fundraising power to support worthy charitable causes.

In-Depth Interview with Jaime Staples

If it seems as though everywhere you turn in poker these days you find Jaime Staples, you wouldn’t be mistaken. The Twitch streamer-cum-PokerStars online pro has become one of the game’s best ambassadors. Recently, while playing EPT Prague, he opened up in this in-depth interview about his road to notoriety in the poker world and shared details about the incredible work ethic that got him there from once upon a time being an anonymous recreational poker player. A must-read!

Interview with Jessica Dawley

Jessica Dawley is turning heads in poker – and it’s not just because of her looks. She’s earned numerous interviews, TV appearances, and poker sponsorships after having shown consistently strong results at the tables. As with any fresh face in poker, fans are usually eager to know more about the person they keep on seeing being talked about. Jessica was kind enough to take the time to answer our questions in this exclusive interview.

Interview with Vanessa Selbst

While playing at EPT Prague, Vanessa Selbst was kind enough to sit with us for a few minutes and grant us an exclusive interview. Poker fans who have followed Vanessa’s career already know that she’s one of the most accomplished pros who has ever played the game. What’s not as well known are Vanessa’s passions away from the felt. This interview explores those topics, specifically Vanessa’s legal and charity work. We hope you enjoy this up-close look at the lifestyle of one of the top poker players in the world.