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Interview with Ashley Adams

Have a listen to the interview that my Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast co-host, Bruce Briggs, and I did with renowned poker author Ashley Adams. Ashley tells us all about his 50+ years playing poker, regaled us with a litany of stories about poker rooms and home games he’s played in, and tells us all about his career in the poker world as an author, part-time player, radio show host, and pure aficionado. He’s been to over 350 poker rooms! All that and plenty more for you to learn about this very interesting poker personality.

Interview with Poker-Playing Stand-up Comedian Avi Liberman

In the just-released episode 229 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, my co-host, Bruce Briggs, and I interviewed the poker-loving stand-up comedian Avi Liberman. Certainly one of our more unique episodes ever, Avi regaled us with hilarious stories of home poker game hijinks and funnies at the felt. He’s played at loads of poker rooms around the USA, but his favorite stops are in the Lake Tahoe area as well as Vegas, and, of course, the great rooms in Los Angeles, where he lives. You’ll absolutely adore Avi’s sense of humor and everything he’s got to say will get you wanting to head back to the tables yourself to play another session. Have a listen + summarized transcript also available. Enjoy!

Interview with BJ Nemeth

Here at the Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog we like to bring you stories about the unique and interesting personalities that make up the poker community. One such special person is BJ Nemeth, who occupies the esteemed role of Lead Rporter for the World Poker Tour. In this iexclusive interview, we sit with BJ and ask him about his life, his poker reporting work, his hobbies and passions away from the job, and much more. Get ready to be enchanted by one of the most fascinating and eclectic individuals you’ll ever meet. We know you’ll love this in-depth look at the life of BJ Nemeth.

Interview with 2014 WSOP November Niner Billy Pappas

In the just-released episode 225 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, my co-host, Bruce Briggs, and I interviewed 2014 World Series of Poker November Niner Billy Pappas. As one of the more recognizable faces from that Main Event final table and as the lone amateur, his story as the “everyman” resonated with lots of poker fans who tuned in to watch. Have a listen + summarized transcript also available. Enjoy!

Video Q&A Interview with Martin Jacobson, 2014 WSOP Main Event Champion

We’re honored to bring to you an exclusive video Q&A interview with Martin Jacobson, the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion. Martin was gracious with his time, answering questions about representing Sweden, being a poker ambassador, doing poker interviews, home games, and more. A rare treat, we think you’ll enjoy this special interview with a very special poker champion.

Interview with Jonathan Little

Together with Bruce Briggs, my co-host over at the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, I recently interviewed Jonathan Little, a 2-time winner at the World Poker Tour and author of a number great poker books as well as hundreds of great poker strategy articles and videos. Jonathan spoke with us about a number of interesting topics, offering his views on sunglasses and headphones while at the poker table, telling us why poker coaching for $300 per hour could very easily be justified, and regaling us with interesting stories about he got his start playing poker professionally. Have a listen to Episode 223 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast and enjoy the summarized transcript.