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Interview with Aria Studio and Tournament Poker Manager Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell is enjoying quite a run as the well-respected Tournament Manager and Studio Director at Aria. In this interview, we learn more about how his career in poker got started and his life away from the job.

Read on and you’ll discover why he’s so beloved among the high roller poker community as well as a favorite among recreational poker players at the Aria.

Get to Know the Poker Media: Jayne Furman

A lifelong love of photography notwithstanding, one of poker’s most prominent photographers, Jayne Furman, only broke into the industry about six years ago. Since that time, Jayne’s pictures and images have delighted poker fans the world over and been burned into our collective memories. As such, we’re very honored to be the first poker media outlet to which she’s granted an interview.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Jayne, her career, and her personal story in the latest installment of our ongoing “Get to Know the Poker Media” interview series.

The Making of Lance Bradley’s The Pursuit of Poker Success

The highly anticipated book, The Pursuit of Poker Success: Learn from 50 of the World’s Best Poker Players, will soon be released, much to the enjoyment of the poker world.

We spoke with the book’s author, Lance Bradley, to find out more about how the project came together, the challenges he faced in balancing such a hefty project with his full-time work responsibilities, and what the overall book writing experience was like.

Interview with Aria Poker Room Host Elayne Teitelbaum

Often, it’s the “behind-the-scenes people” who take care of a lot of the services and other things poker players need to avail themselves of. The Aria poker room employs a poker host for this purpose, and her name is Elayne Teitelbaum.

In this interview, we speak with Elayne about the nature of her job, what it means to be a poker host, and the types of services she is able to assist poker players with. Not all heroes wear capes.

Get to Know the Poker Media: Nick Jones

Over the last few years, Nick Jones has developed quite the stellar reputation in the poker world via his position as co-founder of the pokerfuse family of websites.

Poker Industry PRO, in particular, has become a leading industry media resource, with Nick helping to run the show behind the scenes. It’s time to shine the spotlight on him and give him his due.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Nick, his career, and his personal story in the latest installment of our ongoing “Get to Know the Poker Media” interview series.

Interview with Maria Konnikova

Maria Konnikova is an author taking a year-long journey in the world of professional poker for the purpose of writing a book about it. Having started off as a complete novice, her astounding progress has now seen her with the 2018 PCA National Championship.

Having been taken under the wing of Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel, Maria has put in tons of study time in order to improve. In this interview, we take a closer look at Maria’s study habits and also discover what other weapons she has in her arsenal that have proven useful at the poker tables.