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By Mike Patrick
May 22, 2022

One of the biggest challenges of running a successful poker training site is continually providing fresh and updated content to its students. Many sites have come and gone through the years, having failed to keep up with the continual evolution of this game we all love, No-Limit Hold ‘em.

At, Jonathan Little and his team of coaches have no such concerns, as they continue to pump out new content daily throughout the various elements of the site.

With that in mind, and with the World Series of Poker about to commence, we here at Cardplayer Lifestyle thought this would be an ideal time to pore through the latest updates to the site and pass along a glance at all they’re doing to make you a better poker player. dashboard

Where it all begins. The Dashboard

The Masterclasses

The most in-depth and thorough content on is Jonathan Little’s Cash Game and Tournament Masterclasses, which contain many hours of content primarily via video lessons and quizzes.

They remain the most popular and successful content on the site, and recently Little gave the Cash Game Masterclass an overhaul, improving on an already outstanding instructional series that is worth not only a first look, but repeated viewings for whatever section of your game needs a tune-up.

Details of the latest incarnation of the Cash Game Masterclass include:

  • 32+ hours of instruction through 156 lessons with quizzes dealing with both online and live cash games at 100 BB and deeper stacked play.
  • Videos and quizzes broken into sections for preflop, flop, turn, river, deepstack adjustments, and additional topics (straddling, seat selection, rake etc.), then approximately two hours of hand reviews
  • Lessons are split into general strategies for each street, then into board-specific strategies Masterclass

Just a few of the lessons for play on the turn

Along with the Cash Game Masterclass, the Tournament Masterclass remains essential viewing for any student both current or prospective, while Mastering the Fundamentals is a must for newer players and is completely free just for signing up with!

For more complete reviews of each of these Masterclasses, follow the links below: Classes

The backbone of any poker training site is its selection of classes available to students. With an all-star team of coaches including Little, Matt Affleck, Bert Stevens (Girafganger7), Faraz Jaka, Alex Fitzgerald, Lexy Gavin, Tristan Wade, Jonathan Jaffee, James Romero, Michael Acevedo, Justin Saliba, Evan Jarvis, Brad Wilson, Ryan O’Donnell and more, this section is more than well covered.

READ MORE: 10 Coaches & the Skills They’ll Help You Master

Almost daily a member of the coaching staff is either releasing a class or hosting a live webinar which will be added to for later viewing, with each generally running at least 1-2 hours, with a wide variety of topics ranging from specific aspects of a hand like playing the turn in a check-raised pot to betting concepts like overbetting in deep-stacked cash games.

Several of the classes are multi-part series, such as “ICM Concepts Simplified” with Matt Affleck, “$1-2 Cash Game Strategies” with Tristan Wade, and “High Stakes PIO Solver Review” with Justin Saliba, but each can be easily viewed in segments and need not be viewed all in one sitting.

As of this writing, almost 600 different classes are available on the site, with content from the past week alone including:

  • A $2 MTT Student Review with Tristan Wade
  • Probing Turns After In-position Checkback Webinar with Michael Acevedo
  • $2/$5 Live Cash Game Review with Lexy Gavin
  • CO vs BTN in Single-Raised Pots Webinar with Matt Affleck
  • Understanding HUDs and HUD Adjustments Webinar with Ryan O’Donnell

Live, online, high, and low stakes, all within one week, and this kind of variety is available throughout so you can quickly find a section of your game to work on at any time. Classes

Just a few of the nearly 600 available classes Courses

Along with the Masterclasses, which are the grand poobahs of courses available on, there are 72 other shorter collections of classes gathered together in generally 3-10 hour long “courses” focusing on various elements of No-Limit Hold ‘em.

Two of the newest are the “2022 US Poker Open Review” where Little breaks down not just his 2nd place run in a 10k event for $149,000, but other tournaments and key spots in the series from other high-level players including Dan Smith, Chris Brewer, Jeremy Ausmus, Nick Petrangelo, David Peters, Sean Winter, Shannon Shorr and many more.

2022 US Poker Open

The 2022 US Poker Open

Also new is the “Crushing Small Stakes Cash Games” course which includes:

  • 10 hours of live play and explain videos from online low-stakes cash games with 29 short 5-10 min topic-based lessons.
  • Among topics discussed are GTO preflop ranges and play and exploit adjustments.
  • The course utilizes the very useful app, which includes preflop charts for various stack sizes.
Small Stakes

Crushing small stakes means not being a nit!

As mentioned, there are a total of 72 courses available, teaching both cash game and tournament theory and strategy, but also in the mix is a great series of mindset courses featuring such notable instructors as Dr. Tricia Cardner, Jared Tendler, Elliot Roe and Zachary Elwood.

Whether it’s a topical course like prepping for the WSOP Main Event, or learning how to beat wild cash games like the recent Hustler Casino Live stream; or just improving your win rate on the Sunday grind, or eliminating tilt from your game, there is a course for you on Challenges

Along with the Courses, another student-friendly ‘guided learning’ style presentation on is the series of Challenges structured around a time-based learning module.

Examples of these include: Challenges

Up for a multi-day challenge?

Challenges are built through a variety of areas on the site including sections of classes, webinars, quizzes, and even Masterclasses.

The time commitment varies from day to day depending on the day’s content (with few taking more than an hour). But the combination of a variety of content and the structure of daily presentation is some of the most appealing training for any student, especially those that may be new to poker training sites.

Play and Explain

With the popularity of poker streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, has tapped into that with over 70 videos of multi-hour sessions from some of the very best in the world of online poker playing and explaining their thought processes for students.

Among the coaches to watch crushing their sessions are the aforementioned Jonathan Little, Bert Stevens (Girafganger7), Matt Affleck, Faraz Jaka, Tristan Wade, and Brad Wilson.

Watch a few minutes at a time or watch eight hours, it’s up to you, with hundreds of hours of online play available on demand.

Girafganger7 live play

Tens of hours of Girafganger7 in action Quizzes

The most plentiful and easy-to-digest content on is the massive library of quizzes available to students.

As of this writing, the site is now approaching 1,700 individual short quizzes designed to test and teach students in a highly consumable, multiple-choice, street-by-street format with one of the coaches guiding you through a single hand from either a tournament or cash game.

Players are graded on their choices at each decision point, with a total score awarded at the completion of the hand.

Each quiz generally takes no more than five minutes, so if you’re strapped for time but want to get a quick bit of learning in, quizzes provide the ideal outlet for a fast bit of No-Limit Hold ’em knowledge. Quiz

Just one of the nearly 1,700 quizzes available

Hand History Reviews

While some of the courses or webinars on include hand history reviews, if those are your preferred method of learning, they’re also organized exclusively into one section for students.

Just under 200 hand history reviews are available from coaches covering stakes ranging from $2 online MTTs to $10k live tourneys and micro to high stakes online and live cash game reviews hand history reviews

Hundreds of hours of hand histories

Tools and Community

Whether you’re building up your poker skills or just laying the foundation, you’re going to need some tools and has a workshop full of them.

GTO preflop charts, push/fold charts, a range analyzer, a Progressive Knockout (PKO) Tournament bounty calculator, and even Jonathan Little’s own online HUD settings are available to students, along with a thriving Discord community for students to discuss hands, strategies, and all things poker.

GTO Charts

GTO charts galore. Just don’t use while playing!


With the World Series of Poker just around the corner and poker booming worldwide, there’s no better time to get working on your game. continues to be the front-runner in cutting-edge, student-friendly poker training for No-Limit Hold’em players of all levels.



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