1. Phil Hellmuth – He might be full of himself but, with 11 bracelets he is king of the tournaments.
  2. Doyle Brunson – Not only is he the first to win the World Series of Poker main event twice, but he won them back to back. He has altogether 10 Bracelets
  3. Johnny Chan – Chan became the first player to win 10 World Series of Poker titles.
  4. Johnny Moss – Sometimes called the “Grand Old Man” because of his longevity and superior play. He has 9 Bracelets
  5. Erik Seidel – He won his first WSOP bracelet in 1992 and won his 8th and most recent bracelet in 2007
  6. Billy Baxter – Although Baxter is best known for his on-table poker accomplishments, it’s his landmark case of William E. Baxter Jr. vs. the United States that will forever cement his status as one of the most influential poker players of all-time He has 7 Bracelets
  7. Phil Ivey – Ivey is regarded by numerous poker observers and contemporaries as the best all-around player in the world today.  He has 7 Bracelets
  8. T.J. Cloutier – He is the only person in the history of the World Series of Poker to have won events in three types of Omaha played at the World Series. He has 6 Bracelets
  9. Layne Flack – He got the nickname “Back to Back Flack” after winning two consecutive WSOP events in 2002. He has 6 Bracelets
  10. Jay Heimowitz – Heimowitz was one of the original players to help establish the Mayfair Club as a premier poker house. He has 6 Bracelets

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  1. I love this list, very surprised to see phil helmuth at the top. He always come across as an arogant useless cash player when I have watched him on late night poker etc. He surely is the king of tournaments tho. Thanks for the info

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