Bruce and Robbie welcome poker coach and strategist Tadas Peckaitis to the show. In his first-ever audio interview, Tadas shares how he discovered poker in Lithuania, got into the game, and eventually ended up coaching students. He also shares some great home game strategy tips.

The hosts also discuss the slow restart of post-pandemic live poker on the home game front as well as in Las Vegas and other poker rooms around the world.

BBO Poker Tables’ George Chao has a great Table Talk segment explaining how his company is developing new products that address the needs of players in poker rooms and home games in a post-COVID19 era where sanitization and cleanliness is essential.

Finally, we’ve got a fun One Outer that truly illustrates how close home game poker friends can (or shouldn’t!) get to one another while playing online with Zoom.

Time Stamps

00:24 Synopsis
1:08 How Ya Runnin?
1:33 Bruce shares what things have been like in Salt Lake city as far as the coronavirus restrictions that are still in place and what’s been lifted. No in-person home games just yet, but still plenty of private online poker home games being played.
3:15 Bruce talks about Michael Jordan and The Last Dance, which has captured everyone’s attention. Bruce actually attended many 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals games in-person from the luxury seats at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City.
5:45 Robbie relates the Scottie Pippen trash talking story about “the Mailman not delivering on Sundays.”
7:40 Bruce thinking about the poker lessons we can learn from Michael Jordan’s mentality and drive to succeed.
8:30 Red Chip Poker has just released CORE 2.0, a full-enhanced offering with twice as many lessons, MTT and cash game courses. A bargain at just $5 a week, and Top Pair Podcast listeners can sign up with code TOP and claim one week free!
10:58 Robbie sharing how things are in Israel now coronavirus-wise. The kids are back in school, the country is reopening with great success (beaches, restaurants, synagogues, etc.), but still practicing social distancing. No in-person home games just yet, but they will 100% happen within the next two weeks before next episode airs. People just have to be comfortable and feel personally ready to sit at the tables again; it can’t be forced.
14:30 A reminder that poker players in at-risk populations need to be extra careful about heading back to the tables.
15:40 Robbie steadily losing a little at a time in online home games. Funny to only be playing tournaments all of a sudden when usually playing just a couple a year… missing cash games.
18:04 Congratulations to Cardplayer Lifestyle podcast family member the Bernard Lee Poker Show celebrating its 13th anniversary.
18:45 Shout out to Mike Patrick for writing a great article 25 Las Vegas Poker Rooms and What I Miss Most About Each of Them.
20:59 Poker Notes Live mobile app ad
21:45 Look Who We Found: Interview with Tadas Peckaitis
22:30 Tadas shared how he got into poker and what attracted him to the game in the first plce.
24:20 Tadas explains where Lithuania is for those who might have trouble finding it on the map. Nobody in the poker world seems to know where it is (despite Tony G being its most famous poker-playing son).
26:00 Tadas discusses the state of poker in Lithuania; not much of a scene, but those who do play tend to punch above their weight. The players don’t have much disposable income to lose, so they HAD to learn how to play well.
27:55 Tadas didn’t really have any career other than poker because playing online was always far more lucrative than a real job.
29:25 Tadas talks about how he first got into coaching poker.
30:58 Tadas doesn’t really play poker anymore and is very focused on working on his website.
32:45 Tadas explains why he originally specialized in heads-up sit n’ gos when starting out as a professional player.
35:45 The strategies and poker tips that Tadas shares are primarily NL Hold’em focused, but they can also assist players looking to improve in other poker disciplines.
37:25 Tadas talks about the differences he experienced in playing online versus live poker.
38:30 Tadas shares a great story about a 24-hour-long home game session, and what it was like to win big against the very tired players. Bruce and Robbie talk a little about their lengthy sessions as well.
43:04 Tadas offers some specific tips for home game players, namely discussing how ego plays such an important role (and how to take advantage of that).
45:50 How Tadas’ website first got created and eventually became what it is today.
49:00 Tadas reflects on the importance of mental toughness and psychology in poker nowadays.
50:30 Table Talk: George Chao of BBO Poker Tables discusses the different types of products his company is developing for home game players, specifically with post-coronavirus sanitation in mind.
56:50 One Outer: Kenny just LOVES his home game poker buddies… but not TOO much…

Tadas Peckaitis

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