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The all-time money list is one of the more common ways that poker players and fans determine who is the best. While this certainly isn’t the only way to gauge how good a poker player is, lifetime tournament earnings certainly can tell us a lot about a poker player’s skill. Sure, some poker players in the top 100 of the all-time earnings list have only had one huge score (see also: Gold, Jamie), but when we look at the top names on the all-time money list, it’s quite literally a who’s who of poker.

all time poker money list
Stats/image: courtesy The Hendon Mob

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In the meantime, we’ll take a snapshot at the top five players on the all-time money list and a brief look at how they got there. Of course, we’ve got to add the caveat that with so many high buy-in events taking place throughout the calendar year, amounts won and place/spot on the list are constantly in flux.

Justin Bonomo – Lifetime Earnings: $43,996,461

In 2018 Justin had the best poker tournament run in history, having won upwards of $25 million! He had incredible string of final table finishes and wins all over the world, from the Bahamas to Malta to Hong Kong and Las Vegas. He won every major high roller poker tournament in 2018, including the Super High Roller Bowls in China and Las Vegas, as well as a second WSOP bracelet, in the $10K Heads Up Championship.

Already having accomplished the unthinkable, Bonomo went on to do the impossible, winning a third bracelet (second one in 2018) in the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop for a $10 million score.

Bonomo was already a stellar poker player with over $18 million in career wins prior to 2018, so his performances over the past year have vaulted him from the top 20 into first place overall. Quite the achievement indeed!

Daniel Negreanu – Lifetime Earnings: $39,830,195

Prior to Bonomo’s ridiculous 2018 run, Kid Poker had earned more money playing live poker than anyone else. The Canadian poker hero has been grinding the poker tables for years now and he has amassed a fortune in live poker tournament earnings. A first-ballot Poker Hall of Famer, he continues working on his game to ensure that he can stay atop this list, as the competition gets ever tougher. To point, his most recent score was a massive $3 million payday for finishing runner up in the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl.

Negreanu has also capitalized on his popularity in the poker world. A staple for years on all the top poker TV shows, Negreanu also pumps out plenty of content of his own for fans to enjoy on YouTube as well as his Full Contact Poker blog and podcast.

Erik Seidel – Lifetime Earnings: $34,646,339

Seidel has been playing live poker actively for decades now. A winner of eight WSOP bracelets, he’s also a Poker Hall of Famer. Seidel continues not only to be active, but also to thrive in poker tournaments of all buy-in levels. To point, two-thirds of his career tournament winning came AFTER he was elected to the Poker Hall of Fame! A force to be reckoned with Erik continues to play in all the big High Roller events around the world and remains a threat to climb the all-time WSOP bracelet leaderboard as well.

Erik continues to pad his numbers and add to his career totals with over $1.3 million in cashes in 2018.

Fedor Holz – Lifetime Earnings: $32,556,379

“Das Wunderkind” continues to be a poker supernova and has managed to crack the ALL-TIME top 5 in earnings while still in his early twenties! Though technically “retired” from poker (hey, wouldn’t you consider it after winning almost $20 million in a single calendar year?), Holz can still be found playing (and winning, of course) at the tables. He notched $6.3 million in cashes in 2017 and continued to bring the fire in 2018, with his most recent big time score being a runner-up finish in the WSOP Big One for One Drop for a cool $6 million.

Assuming he doesn’t step away from the game completely, it’s not hard to envision Fedor some day sitting atop poker’s all-time money list. Again, he’s not even in his mid-20s yet!

David Peters – Lifetime Earnings: $30,005,463

A silent assassin, David Peters had an outstanding 2018 adding $10 million to his already-stellar career totals. Last year, he notched an incredible half a dozen individual million dollar scores at venues all over the world, including the US, Bahamas, South Korea, and Macau.

The Rest of the Best

After scrolling through this list of the top five poker players on the all-time money list, you might be shaking your head in amazement that legends like Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, and Phil Hellmuth (who sits atop the career WSOP bracelet list) didn’t make the cut. Well, to be fair, both Phils and the Magician ARE still in the top 20. How to explain it though?

Simple: with the proliferation of High Roller events all around the world over the last few years, cashing for six- and seven-figure scores has become increasingly common. Guys like Hellmuth, Ivey, and John Juanda earned their stripes and built their career tournament winnings stats playing in events with FAR lower buy-ins, usually a maximum of $10,000; plus, there weren’t nearly as many such high buy-in events running in any given year. These days, yearly wins of $2-3 million are relatively common among those who play the High Roller circuit; a far “easier” achievement when some events cost $25K, $50K, $100K (and more!) just to enter, and they run throughout the year…

Lastly, let’s not forget that “amount won” does NOT take into account amounts bought in for, chops, staking agreements, and the like. We’ll likely never know the true amounts of PROFIT that poker players will have earned over their careers, but nonetheless it’s fun to talk about and enjoy all-time money lists like these.

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