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Hey Ladies: A Platinum Pass Would Look Great On You!

Kudos to PokerStars for continuing to advocate for increased women’s involvement in poker. They’ve just announced a second ladies-exclusive initiative giving the poker community the opportunity to nominate inspiring, impactful women for the chance to win a Platinum Pass to the 2020 PSPC in Barcelona.

It’s a promotion guaranteed to stir positivity and highlight the great women who promote the game we love. Half a dozen such women will be gathered together at a future live event for a Sit N’ Go to determine which lucky lady will get the Pass.

When a Poker Girl Moves Up in Stakes

When you look around a poker room at the mid-stakes tables, there’s one thing you don’t see too much of, and that’s women. Amanda Botfeld, author of A Girl’s Guide to Poker, knows what it’s like to be “the odd one out.”

As someone who regularly sits at the $2/5 tables playing live cash games, Amanda shares what the experience is like, and puts the call out for other girls to join her at the poker tables.

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